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Telstra van man rant

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by davesquirrel, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Travelling northbound on Punt Road this morning (for those of you not in Melbourne, it's usually mostly a car park between 8 and 9, which makes for great filtering potential), had just pulled away from the lights at Toorak Road, when a Telstra van pulls out from the stationary southbound traffic further up the hill.

    I thought his aim was to get into the right filter lane at the lights, but no, he was being impatient and cut right across my lane to get into the Telstra exchange driveway on my left.

    Thankfully the right hand northbound lane had nothing in it so I was able to swerve around him and carry on. Wish i'd got his licence plate as that certainly won him a ******** of The Year Award.
  2. must've been the morning for Telstra vans. I was traveling on Citylink, on the Kings Street exit just about 200 meters before the last bend, when a Telstra van almost side swiped a car in the right hand lane. I was filtering, I could see he was thinking about moving over, so, held back, then he starts moving over without realising there was a car right next to him. He stopped about an inch from the other car. It was a classic case of looking in the mirror, but no head check. It was one of those vans where the back windows are painted, so the driver learns not to bother doing a head check. Stupid tho, cause all he needed to do was look out his own drivers window and would've seen the car there.
  3. There's a number on the back of the vans if you can get the plate. They'll get the boot from telstra if enough people complain.
  4. I've written a general complaint to Telstra via the website with the time and location, and said if they manage to identify the driver (I dunno, from work logs or whatever) then I want to take the matter up with the police. Doubt i'll get an outcome, but stranger things have happened, and it makes me feel better than just sitting on my hands and stewing about it.
  5. Was the van, really REALLY dirty?

  6. I don't get what happened from this description. Reads like the van moved out of the traffic into a driveway and somehow you're pissed, when you were the one coming up behind.
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  7. yeah, I think it was. Well, wasn't clean anyway.
  8. I may accidentally have missed the most important word out of my original post. Is there now.
  9. I get it now.
  10. So how much quicker than the rest of the pack did you take off??

    If you took off like a cut cat you more than likely caught him by surprise.

    Knowing where that exchange is it would be a pain to get into and out of at most times of the day.

    Also if he stayed stopped in the right lane trying to turn in he would've held up a heck of a lot of southbound cars.
  11. Much as I love the sound of my exhaust, i'm never in a massive rush to get to work in the morning, so I usually pull away from lights as much as is necessary to stay ahead of the traffic.

    Granted he may have been surprised by me but he was on the northbound carriageway for a good 40-50 metres before cutting across my lane.

    And, granted it's a biatch of a driveway to get into but between breaking the law and nearly having a head-on with oncoming traffic because you're impatient, and holding up a few southbound cars for a minute or two, I don't really think there's much of a comparison here.
  12. It happens. Sometimes, simply because with all the confusion of traffic etc, drivers tend to take "glances", rather than proper looks. We are'nt easily seen even when people look straight at us. When they start glancing around quickly, we become invisible.

    You read the situation, rode for both you and the cagers, and got through without a fuss.
    It worked out good. :)