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Telstra T-Box. Any reviews?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Got an email extolling the wondrous virtues of the above, and it does look good. Vids on demand (subject to downloading etc).

    Am considering for the home telly at the 25GB level at 99 per month incl line rental.
    The next level is 100 GB for $139 per month.
    It also is a PVR.

    Does anyone have this already or any tech-heads have an opinion on this thing?

    I'm not real techno savy, but I do see the attractiveness of such an item.

    Link. http://www.telstra.com.au/bundle_save/tbox-bundles.html



  2. No review from me but what I would do is answer the following...

    1. Is the ADSL they are talking about ADSL2?
    2. If you break down your "bundle" into it's component parts and ignore the ones that you already have through other means (free to air digital TV) how does that affect the perceived value?
    3. Record, pause & rewind live free-to-air TV: Well you get that with most Digital DVD Recorders for a once off price rather than a subscription based price). Do you have one?
    4. Unmetered BigPond Internet TV: What is this and is it worth anything to you? Will you watch it?
    5. HD digital set-top box - Do you already have a digital tuner built into your TV or a Digital DVD Recorded with tuner or Set Top Box?
    6. With your chosen "bundle" what are the phone call costs?
    7. Can you use SKYPE (which may mean you don't need to make traditional phone calls you can just use your computer) ?
    8. What are the box's home networkin features? (Internet gateway, DHCP, NAT Firewall, Number of ethernet ports, Wireless (which standard), etc...)
    9. What will happen to this technology when the governments high-speed broadband isrolled out?

    As a personal observation - It does seem a bit overpriced.

    Good luck! (y)

    Fun Ha!
  3. It's telstra of course it's over priced.
  4. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/1456846.html


  5. It's ok if you're one of the people that will benefit with it's use. You can only use Telstra's internet to use t-box so that can be a big minus. For example, I pay $49 for 130GB of internet which translates to around 3 times that due to TPGs shaping of 1mbit which is 100k/s download, traditional shaping gets around 6k/s which makes internet browsing almost impossible to use 'nicely'. Shaped internet at 100k/s also is no difference to unshaped. But that's an extreme example of pricing versus your extreme pricing (from best value to worst.)

    As mentioned above, you can get most of the same kind of benefits from a one off purchase which works out to be a lot cheaper. But being for people not 'net savy', it's a easy way to get what 'us experts' have, albeit for more expensive but that's the premium you pay for not having the knowledge to install possibly lots of seperate things to work "as one unit".

    I use a PC as a 'HTPC' that's connected to the TV to record/ff/rewind/pause FTA tv, we don't use it much for that, seeing as we watch maybe 1-2 HRs of TV every week or three, all depends if a good doco is on basically. But we use it to watch movies (home made or 'other') and listen to music as an all in 1 home entertainment package, along with being able to do "computer stuff" in the lounge. My other computers live elsewhere doing 'only' computer stuff so to speak :)
  6. that sounds like downloading pron. :p
  7. What software you using for your HTPC dude?
  8. Thanks for the replies peeps! Will have a think.
  9. Good luck with whatever decision you make, CFVFR. Personally, I think that it's cheaper to get onto an ISP that offers value for money on data and with decent speed. Then get onto Telstra's Homeline Budget service at 20 bux a month, then sign up with a VOIP provider such as Mynetfone. That takes care of your phone calls.

    Then spend $500 on a Topfield twin tuner PVR, or maybe a bit more for one of the PVRs with ethernet so you can view downloaded content off of your PC or a network connected media server.

    I'm on DSL2+ with Aussie Broadband. It's a good service, fairly speedy given how far I am from the exchange. But it still has to stutter and buffer Youtube videos. I trialled an Xbox 360 Live account and downloaded some HiDef content. It took quite a while to download, then it would play with a bit of stuttering.

    I prefer "video on demand" via Network BT, or to go for a walk down the street to hire a DVD or Blu-Ray title. Costs up to $6 for a current release movie and it gets me out of the house, as well as providing employment for local people to run the store.

    Like Telstra's T-Hub the T-Box is just a gimmick with little added value and at a premium price designed for its customers to consume more Telstra products.

    $70 for 30 gigs or whatever the plan is, to me, excessively priced. I pay $59 for 100 gigs, 50 gigs peak, 50 off peak on DSL2+. And until they force Network BT off the air, so to speak, it'll do me.
  10. Using 1.1.0 RC6 of "Media Portal" on Windows 7 since my nice + cheap Win MCE remote + receiver (like $20ish) doesn't work with lirc on linux - I've been using linux for ~20 years and tried out a LOT of profiles to get the remote working but it's a real generic receiver of a generic driver which basically results in no workie from the research I did few weeks/months ago.

    Media Portal has come back to the #1 spot for me as a HTPC software, overtaking "Windows 7 Media Centre" that it held for me as the best due to Media Portal's software also not working 100% with my remote but the 1.1.0 release candidates has remedied that :) http://www.team-mediaportal.com/
  11. That looks rather interesting. Open source Windows program huh? Will MP run on 64 bit Windows 7?
    Media Centre has been giving me the shits with "weak TV signal" blue screens when the signal is actually fine. Some Googling finds heaps of people having the same prob but no answers. I built a Mythtv box a while ago under 9.04 but also had drama's with lirc and also displaying on the TV. Hardware has to absolutely compatible or all manner of headaches will unfold.
  12. MP will work on 64 bit Windows. With the 'weak signal', try going to Settings, TV, channels and something like 'edit channel source' and you can manually choose to use 'only' the strongest signal per each (weak) channel.

    I had issues with that + channel 7 back living in inner Melbourne (Richmond). Weak signals went away when I moved to Geelong + rescanned the channels. Very strange but it's the problem I had in Windows Media Centre. The channels would work if I used the 2 seperate tv tuners retrospective software but I hated their software (videomate + hauppauge) for viewing TV. Much preferred the integrated of watching movies/videos, replaying TV, live TV, music, radio etc from the one 'interface' instead of switching programs, one for TV, windows media centre for others (preferred mediaportal but the back button and 2-4 others simply didn't work in the media portal versions before 1.10 RCs after getting my new 'cheap' remote. I didnt' want to pay more than the lowest price due to not being able to work back then)

    Now the HTPC is 100% working for how I like it, I won't be bothered to 'mess around' whilst it's working, I like the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" :) I use a skin that gives it a hell of a lot extra functionality. I think it's called purevision. The ol' memory isn't 100% whilst in pain 24/7 and on pain meds for said pain so I tend to lose stuff if I don't think about it heh. I'm concentrating with my new job now (work from home, remote admin, documentating the computer, network setup for a surf+ hiking wear company in Torquay that recently took over their licencee in Aus. I'm LOVING it, fits very well in with my "stay at home and watch my daughter grow before she goes to school" mantra :)

    Sorry for the huge hijack! But if you can afford (or have an exisiting) PC to use a HTPC, it's much better, at least for my wants than something like the telstra offering but it actually helpful for the 'non net/tech savy' people of course, just not liking the being locked into Telstra only for net side of things tho.
  13. Sorry -wasn't clear there. I'm currently having the weak TV signal problems with Windows 7 media centre. Good to hear MP doesn't do that.
    I'm actually downloading the RC6 as I type. Will give it a run a bit later. I'm guessing it will uninstall (MP) if I decide to go back to Windows Media Centre again?
  14. Yeah you don't HAVE to un-install MP if you want to use them separately on the same machine. There are plugins in the config shortcuts MP puts on desktop that has "use big green button" to start up media portal instead of media centre and also a plugin that can disable media centre services (so when you use tv guide, videos short cut buttons, media centre doesn't start, it controls media portal)

    Media portal can take a bit to get used to but I _LOVE IT_ so to speak :D With the signal trouble, as said, you can try editing the channels/sources stuff (in media centre) to see if you can make it only use the strongest signal(s) in case it defaults to a weaker signal and therefore giving you the weak signal error stuff on screen. Also it will have some initial stuffing about to set up the directories/folders to put music, video files/directories in so you can browse them to play the media you want etc.

    Sorry for the quick typing, I'm shaped with my ISP atm as we're moving to TPG this week who just opened up in our local exchange last Monday. I thought I'd download stuff to 'get my monies worth' before the CHURN happens but in the mean time, internet is slow so I'm not "on the computer", I rush some browsing/posting every now and then and quickly go back to the lounge room. My wife and I are watching a "Deadwood marathon", never watched it so we're doing all 3 seasons in the coming days/weeks. Especially at moment, I just had ~4 hours tattooing done to my upper left thigh so I'm limping about whilst it's healing, it's real sore to move/stretch the skin at moment. A tv series marathon on the couch is very welcome :) I hope you get your head around the MP config stuff, it's very different to Media Centre but I personally think it rules the HTPC world. It can do LOTS, you just need to set up the skin/configuration stuff to do what you want, it's not that hard but it can be hard for people first using it possibly. Don't despair, give it a little time if you need to work out to make it run + look great, it's well worth it in my view! For now, back to couch to keep my leg still :D