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telstra call centre...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GOOSH, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. just thought i would share this as it just happened bout 10 mins ago.

    got a call from a JUSTIN from TELSTRA who was trying to sell me there business by signing back with them. i told them i was in a contract and couldn't get out of it when he preceeds to yell 'fu@#en smartar$e' and hangs up the phone..

    i wonder if i he would get in trouble if i put a complaint in...

    has this happened to anyone else.. have you been sworn to by a call centre person

  2. I've never been sworn at by a call centre person.

    If I were you though, I would definately ring and complain. Or put in an email complaint. These pricks are annoying enough at the best of times (especially when THEY call you), if they're gonna be rude, they deserve a lot worse than losing their jobs.

    Go for it.
  3. McBigg: We are only trying to do our jobs, if that means we have to call you, so be it, we need to make a living, to pay our bills too. No, we don't intentionally call you at dinner time, we are more than likely in a different state, not sitting at your kitchen window waiting for you to have dinner. & we also don't get paid enough to be abused, for call you (in mycase) about a product you already have, particualry when I'm not trying to sell you anything. Nobody deserves to lose their job. Yes, that person was rude, yes, they shouldn't have said that. But have you ever worked in outbound sales? Do you have any idea how hard it is?

    Goosh: You can call Telstra to complain, but they are SO incredibly useless, that you will be passed around & around & around, to eventually be told that there's more than one Justin & it could have been from any number of outbound business centres. Or that you've called the wrong department & they'll hang up on you.

    Trust me, I dealt with them on a daily basis, they're useless, they don't even know anything about a product they've been bundling for over ten years, nor do any of the Team Leaders.

    Having said that, you may strike it lucky & there is only one Justin! By the sounds of things, he does need a swift kick, or a course in manners.

    Good luck.
  4. Are you SURE he was ringing from Telstra? That would be a wicked prank to pull for someone who maybe worked there previously, or even still, but was at home half cut with his mates looking for some laughs :LOL:
  5. No Indian accent != Telstra

    You got prankified
  6. Would you like a hug...............

    You chose to work there, dont attempt to become the victim, "Do you know how hard it is".........waaaa waaaa go have a sook. You work in a vocation that blows chunks and has a very poor approval rating and is at best always looked upon as being a parasite and using underhanded tactics to lighten peoples wallets. If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen, dont sook about it telling us how hard it is in a veil attempt for sympathy.

    You people are not policed enough and are self governed making up the rules as you go along. When requested to be removed from the database, guess what.........a new throw back calls the next week wanting to flog X product. Face it, be it right or wrong, peoples perception of your type are that you are bottom feeders below the pond scum....................I wonder what gave them that thought :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. i had a simila exp when i dialed census 1234. i tried to complain but there was no such process set up.

    telstra hires anything these days, i wouldnt be surprized if it was a telstra employee. tell them but dont mention his name or yours.

    then move
  8. :-({|=
  9. Nope.

    I'd say you were rung by the Marketing company who act on Telstra's
    behalf because Telstra outsource this work. Telstra staff take inbound calls.

    Teletech International, a US-based call centre outsourcing specialist do
    most of their work.


    Read the above link :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Suicide blamed on burnout

    Suicide blamed on burnout

    John Masanauskas
    April 04, 2007 12:00am

    THE family of a young call centre worker wants to sue Telstra for allegedly
    contributing to her suicide.

    Ms Sandic's family and work colleagues have described how the once top sales-
    person with a vibrant personality was turned into a nervous wreck by unrealistic
    performance targets.

    But Telstra allegedly rejected a plea from her psychiatrist to cut her working
    hours so she could get back on track.

    While on stress leave, she was allegedly harassed by Telstra staff to return to

    Ms Sandic's grieving father, Nick, said yesterday that despite winning big sales
    awards, Sally had been abandoned by Telstra.

    "I think the company is responsible for what happened to my daughter,"
    he said.
    "If Telstra had been responsible she'd still be around. But they don't care, it's all
    about the dollar, they treat you like a machine."

    Grieving: Nick and Sue Sandic don't want their daughter's death to pass in vain.
    Picture: David Caird

    Family and friends noticed a dramatic change in her mood about a year ago when
    Telstra started to restructure the Como centre and raised performance targets by
    as much as 300 per cent.

    A Telstra spokeswoman denied sales targets had been increased by this amount,
    but confirmed targets were reviewed regularly.

    "We believe they are fair, reasonable and achievable -- they are standard across the
    Telstra business,"
    she said.

    The spokeswoman said Ms Sandic was offered help and support for personal problems,
    but she turned it down.

    The Sandic family plans to sue Telstra over Sally's death, with their main aim to stop
    the same thing happening to other employees.

    Ms Sandic started working at the Como mobile phone call centre almost three years
    ago and quickly made her mark in sales.

    She won the coveted Diamond Club award in 2004-05 for achieving annual sales of
    at least $1 million.

    Julie Smith, a former Como worker, said Ms Sandic had been put under enormous
    pressure to meet sales targets where customer inquiries are converted into extra
    revenue for Telstra.

    "There was definitely a change in Sally that I saw and I kept talking to her about it and
    saying, 'Look, you really have to leave this job'. "

    Another friend, who still works in the centre, said Ms Sandic had been an extremely
    high performer.

    "She couldn't understand that even though she was performing, they were asking her
    to do more,"
    the friend said.

    "It got to her."

    Last September, Ms Sandic began seeing a psychiatrist who wrote to Telstra asking
    that Sally be given reduced hours.

    "It was totally ignored, they just didn't care," Mr Sandic said.

    Her mother, Sue, said Sally later took stress leave, but was constantly called by
    Telstra officers urging her to return.

    Ms Sandic, who first attempted suicide late last year, resigned from Telstra on
    December 29.

    She enrolled in a university course, but less than a month later killed herself.

    She was on medication for depression, but did not use drugs or alcohol, her family
    said. Mr Sandic said Telstra showed no compassion about Sally's death.

    "Telstra wants to close its eyes as if it didn't happen. I don't understand their behaviour.
    There wasn't even a phone call to us,"
    he said.

    Mr Sandic said his family was considering legal action against the communications

    "It's not the money, I'd just like Telstra to change their practices," he said.

    "I believe Sally would want that."

    Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union communications division state secretary
    Len Cooper said there was no doubt Telstra contributed to Ms Sandic's death.

    "The union will not rest until this is stopped and we demand proper guidelines to ensure
    targets are realistic,"
    Mr Cooper said.

    A Telstra spokeswoman said the company was gravely concerned that the facts of
    the story that had been put to them did not fit their knowledge of the events.

  11. Easy to believe.

    We moved house 3 weeks ago. I applied to have the phone disconnected on the Thursday and reconnected at the new place on the Friday. Yep, done. Even got a welcome to Telstra letter at the new place BEFORE we moved in.

    Then came th frustration. I advised my ISP that we'd moved and could they get the transfer for my ADSL2+ service going. Yep, no wuckers, they said.

    Monday. Can't do it, the ISP says. The database says that you're still at the old address. Shiver me timbers, I said in a fit of frustration.

    I called Telstra, and got bumped at least 3 times to different depts including Bigpond (yeah, dunno - internet must equal bigpond in these peoples' eyes). Finally got someone who thought that they knew what to do. Call back the ISP and tell them what we did.

    Tuesday arvo. No feedback from either ISP or Telstra who said that they'd let us know what was happening. Rang ISP. Nope, still can't get the application in. Your number is still registered at the old address. Ring Telstra back. Get shunted to different people, again.

    Wednesday. Still no change. MORE calls to Telstra. This time I threaten TIO intervention and a claim to reimburse us for out of pocket expenses. This time the problem gets "escalated" (their term, not mine). FInally, a chap that seems to know what the problem is. He removes some "codes" off the account. Call back the ISP to let htem know. Then they call me back an hour later. All's good. It's under application. Will be Monday before it's done, though.

    Friday, Telstra rings to advise us the the problem's been resolved. I didn't bother to say, "yeah, we know, we got it sorted out two days ago".

    Monday, lunchtime, ADSL2+ is finally connected. Ten days and two weekends to get a simple disconnection and reconnection of two wires done...
  12. Jeez, that suicide story is unbelievable! That poor family..

    I have heard that call centre work is among the most stressful - it ranks in the top five, from memory. Up there with Coppers and Ambo's etc.
  13. Someone that I know got temp work in the local Centrelink call centre a few years back. Horrendous is how she described it.

    The go is that you are a member of a team which has a "team leader" and I use the term "leader" loosely, here. The aim is to process as many calls as possible, preferably more than the next team.

    The TLs are on performance bonuses. So they're practically whipping you to get them calls processed. The pressure's on.

    Heaps of rules on how to manage your cubicle - no personal pics, etc. If you're busting for a leak, tough.

    Anyway, some guys were pushing calls like you wouldn't believe, and getting the stats up. Turns out that they were simply giving clients bullshit info or refering them to their local Centrelink office as they were better equiped to handle the client's problem. This was bullshit as the call centre was set up to handle ALL problems that didn't require a physical presence at the bricks and mortar office, say to hand in paperwork.

    So yeah, here we are, paying a shitload of our taxes to support these slugs and they're too bent on the "numbers" to give the welfare recpients a quality service.
  14. Centrelink is a totally useless organisation, at every tier.

    As for call centre staff, for the most part: :nopity:

    You have a choice in your vocation. I don't think there is a town anywhere in the world where the only jobs going are in a call centre. If you don't like the job and the crap that comes with it, don't work there. It really is that easy.

    I feel for the family girl who ended it though. Just goes to show what a totally fcuked industry that is to have any association with.
  15. Yep it is shocking and I cannot make light of this situation. I will also not speak about this case directly.

    If we look at people who are type A high achievers we see a higher level of mental illness. Most Suicide is a direct result of a breakdown in the person's state of mental health. As has been discussed on the NADs [go nads] thread it is more often than not a physical issue rather than external. I have worked in these call centres and they are hard bloody work, particuarly if you measure your self worth against achieving targets. I greive for the loss this family has but to blame her job is simplistic.

    Now Telstra a lot of people try hard every day to do the best job they can. It is always soooo easy to bash telstra, fcuking tall poppy syndrome if you ask me! :mad: :roll: :mad: :roll:
  16. I'd still complain to Telstra.

    What gets me is if you are polite to the telemarketer/survey dude, they come back with 'is there a better time to call back?' Yes, in about 50 years when I'm dead. So persistant. Even the Mormons know when they're on a dead end at my place and have the good grace to vacate.
    Same can't be said for the telecommunication door-to-door sales dude who will not leave. Well he did when I offered to introduce him to the dog. Had to get on the agro to get rid of him.

    What do these people expect if you impose on our lives every f*&$% day at the same time when I have 2 kids wanting their tea? Cry a river call centre kids - find another job if you don't like the reactions you get.
  17. A polite throwdown to a telemarketer is "Look mate, I'm really not interested in these calls, you're only wasting your time calling me."


    "I'm busy right now."

    I mean, if you called your friend and they said their busy you'd call back right?

    Best way to deal with telemarketers is be honest and let it go. Then if they get too persistent, give them what for.

    Goosh, flick me an sms with details, I'll put a complaint through for you.
  18. Hey Guys.

    I work at a Telstra Call Centre


    Best part about it is i don't have to work with any bogans :cool:
  19. To those who commented about getting another job, it's simply not THAT easy. I have worked in CS & sales, for one of the biggest outsource centres in Australia, I love the company I work for, but not the job.

    I have been applying for jobs in pretty much every field I think I am able to do, for the last eight months. Not one call back, not one.

    I'd rather work at a job I hate, than live off the Dole & not be able to pay my rent or bills & end up on the streets.

    Believe it or not I have copped the most amount of abuse when calling people for a product they already have, to WELCOME them to the service or to talk to them about a FREE upgrade to digital. & I don't even work in cold outbound.

    I don't want your sympathy, not's not what I was trying to say. But think about how bad you would feel if you were just trying to do your job & got abused.

    As Grunge said, just a polite, "thank you, but I'm not interested" will do.

    We're not all rude & we all don't want to force you into something you don't want, but we ARE people & deserve the same respect.
  20. omg im going to cry myself to sleep tonight from your mean words :(