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Telling time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. For those of you who don't have a built in clock in your instrument cluster, how do you usually tell the time while you're riding? Like, if you're going for an appointment, how do you check your progress and make sure you get there on time? When I'm driving my car, I constantly keep track of the time to make sure I arrive at my destination on time, but when riding my bike... I have no clock on the bike, and my watch is under my jacket, which is under my glove...

    I've seen clocks made to clamp onto the handlebars, but all the ones I've seen are really rather expensive!

    What does everyone else do?
  2. Go & buy a $5 digital watch -the ones with nice big numbers & preferably waterproof, take the strap off & stick it to the top fork clamp with double sided sticky tape. Works for me.
  3. Couldnt imagine it would be too expensive to pick up a little digital clcok and mount it....
  4. Hmm, there's an idea, didn't even think of that! Now to find a way to mount it and have it not look tacky...
  5. I did the same but with blue tac.
    has lasted 2 years so far with the same bit of blue tac.
  6. Not sure if you have the room to do this, but on my zzr250which i bought off a jewler. He got a piece of tube, say 20mm round, and glued a bottom in it so he could put a screw through the bottom. Then found a watch face that fiited into the tube with a snug fit. He then screwed the bit of tube on the dash and fitted the watch face. Looked really good on that particular bike, so maybe i have given you some sort of an idea there..
  7. I was just thinking about that the other day. I have recently got my L's and i was thinking geez i hope im on time for work. Nup i wasn't on time. As you said when you are in a car you can easily look at the time a plan your route through traffic according to time. Boss wasn't to happy, got the "make sure your on time please ya ya ya"

    Yes i also would like to find out what others use to check the time.

    gets tricky
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  9. Note where the colon is on the digital display (the double dots between the hours and minutes) and mark with a pencil. Take the batteries out (most important!) and carefully with a slow speed so as not to crack the plastics cover, drill 2 off 4.5mm holes where the colon is. Re-insert the batteries (they may be hard to replace when unit is mounted). Mount on the triple clamp with galvanised tek screws, Use clear silicone to seal around the screws so as to prevent the ingress of moisture.

    Note do not use only one screw, or the display will rotate.

    An option is to use a rubber ring seal on one of the screws, and drill two holes for it 30 degrees apart. Rotate the clock between the two points at the start and end of daylight savings, to add or subtract an hour.
  10. That's really interesting, I was thinking about it through the week because in cars I'm a clock watcher too.

    I think not having a clock on the bike is beautifully liberating. I can't make the traffic go any faster, I'm not prepared to speed the whole way to make it to work on time, I'm already on the fastest route (why would I be going to work the slow way?!) so there's no point clock watching anyway. I ride and pay attention to the traffic and what I'd doing, and when I get there I get there.

  11. When I had the Virago, i'd either undo my gloves at the lights to check my watch, or look in cars. Some have a big enough display to make out the time.
  12. Where's the clock? :wink:

    On my friends ZZR, he bought a $2 digital wristwatch, made some extra adjustment holes in the belt and wrapped it around his handlebars. Probably the simplest/neatest clock addition I've seen yet on a bike.
  13. I bought an el cheapo digital clock from K-Mart, then velcro'ed it to the inside of the fairing.

    It isn't exactly waterproof, so it picks up a bit of moisture inside the display if the bike's parked in wet weather. But it still keeps time, it's easy to read and it cost two-thirds of bugger all. Sweet!
  14. 7-thsin: don't have one yet. Hence the thread :)
  15. You guys are lame.

    Here is what you do.
    1. Go to target, get analogue clock. Diameter 30cm and can of gold paint.
    2. Go to bunnings and get some suitable chain. Spray it gold.
    3. Attach chain to clock.
    4. Hang over neck.

    Tip: Make sure clock is upside down to normal people so that they cannot read it.

    You can purchase these with cashmoney fo' shizzle.

    Thats what i'm talking about!
  16. Time? Time? What do you need the time for? Please revisit the opening sequence to Easy Rider, where Wyatt throws away his watch.

    You're a motorcyclists. Like Gandalf, you arrive precisely at the time you intended. If anyone had other expectations, that's their problem.

    Gotta go now, or I'll be late for work.
  17. yeah, this pre-occcupation with time, I mean, really, what doees it matter, it's opening time somewhere in the world at any hour of the day or night.......

    (cheap digital and blue-tac's the go....)
  18. street lights turning starting to turn on = heading into night time
    street lights starting to turn off = better have a bloody good excuse for SWMBO
  19. Yeah i bought a little one from my bike shop. It's brand name is Oxford and it's a little rectangle. It's is weather proof and comes with a double sided sticky pad or and some velcro, that way you can choose how to stick it one. I used the velcro and it's REALLY handy. I just keep it in the pocket of my jacket and stick it on or take it off as needed when arriving or leaving my destination. It just stuck onto the top of thr triple clamp.

    It cost me about $20 i think