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Tell us the worst thing that's happened to your helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by the mole, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. To get the ball rolling:

    Went to a party at a mates flat and looked for somewhere safe to leave my helmet, a place where it would be unlikely to be knocked over, tried on, kicked over etc. Best place seemed to be the bath, so in it went. Some hours later I decided to leave, and stumbled over party detritus and comatose bodies to the bathroom. My helmet was still there, unscratched.

    But somebody hadn't quite made it to the toilet bowl and had thrown up in it.

    That was 25 years ago, but I still recall the feeling of freedom on the way home as the cool night air swirled around my helmetless head.
  2. recently, i've hit a Bat(popped the air vent loose), an owl(thought it was going to come through the visor), and lastly a rock as big as a thumb, which i managed to see coming and tipped my head down... I have a nice 50c Piece size of paint missing off it where it hit.
  3. It got stolen,
  4. it lost a fight with the side of a ditch. Not just any old ditch, it had vertical sides was about 2' wide and 1' deep. I'm lucky the bike didn't follow, it would have never come out.
  5. Worst thing that happens to my lid is my rough head going in it every day.
  6. worst thing that happened to my helmet was lending it to Whitie - he really is the BGH ( Big Giant Head ) now it just doesn't sit right anymore -- and where the hell am I going to find a replacement for it ? -- its not as if I have a few hundred sitting around or anything of that ilk :)
  7. Circumcision joke in 3...2...
  8. It was on my head when that item intersected the ground at some angle and speed... I peeled it off like the skin of an orange. I didn't loose conscienceless but I did have a hell of a concussion for a few days. The bike got the end of one hand grip punched up into the handlebar. Other than that, the wasn't a mark on it. Given that it had about 1,200 km on it at the time, I was rather pleased about that outcome. Oh yeah, I lost a chunk of flesh out of the heel of my right hand about the size of my little fingernail. The scar is still there 31 years later...
  9. worst thing to happen to mine? i bought it. the graphic means something to me, but the helmet itself is a cheap piece of shit
  10. I left it behind the counter at the dealers when I dropped the bike off to get some work done. I later collected the bike and rode home, visor open, enjoying the afternoon air. The next day I head out again, this time with the visor down - what do I discover? A massive scratch down the visor :( too late to be able to have a go at the dealer for ruining it.
  11. lump of scrap metal coming off a Sims truck whilst crossing the Westgate Bridge, boxed in, nowhere to go, dipped head and hoped for the best... Lost most of the paint of the top and a vent...
  12. Better that than your scalp
  13. Went through the front Pax door window at 85 k's.
  14. Had a wasp enter my Shoei lid from underneath (must have hit upper part of jacket and sucked up), coming to rest on the chin guard within my lid..buzzing away millimetres from my face.
    I must have looked like a right tool waving hands & fumbling the helmet's visor to rid myself of a possible very nasty experience !
  15. spider crawling accross inside of visor. would not wish that on my worst enemy. worse still though was not being able to find the spider apon removal of helmet. the anxiety for about a week, waiting for hordes of baby spiders to come flooding out of my ears and nose.
    i like Thera's post, it is not easy to kill flying objects with your helmet, that took effort and skill.
    rocks always somehow manage to hit me in the neck.
  16. Don't think i hurt the owl, It kept flying. The Bat I had no idea it was there, just WHAM! Glad I wear a full face. Sore neck for a couple of days though.
  17. two things

    1. massive accident in the city due to taxi, 50 or more metres slide down the road on just damp road (started raining 1 min prior lightly) and helmet being an absolute write off. freaking loved that helmet.

    2. said helmet sitting on table at home, and me talking to my dad using my hands (as i do when i talk) and then WHAM - i connect with my helmet and it goes flying off the table and straight onto the tiled floor and is just sliding and bumping around for what seems an age as i hold my breath. this was luckily, after the accident - so i wasn't using it anyways. but it still hurt me nonetheless :(
  18. Had a maggot laiden fly go through my open visor into my sunnies. Crawling maggots everywhere!
  19. Loaning an old one to a mate who uses copious amounts of hair product, I ended up giving it to him because I couldn't get the smell out and hated the sticky feeling on my ears
  20. Indeed, cost me a few hundy but I lived to ride home again...