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TELL US How does it feel showing off your first bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ms_tear, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. luv hearing other bikers answers to this question, so please tell?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. awww how cute :wink:
  4. It felt great showing off to my gf until I dropped around the corner from her place. Since then, I learnt not to ride the bike if I am tired. Especially just to show off. The rest of my friends got to see my bike in their own good time. It is no rush to show off. It is more rewarding showing off a bike after you have a few kms under your belt instead of one day.
  5. Depends on if it's nice shiny and new or a worn out heap of crap.
  6. i prefer if i could to show off skill than bike :grin:
  7. showing off is hard when you first take ur bike out on ur L's. i think i was more worried about keeping it up but nevertheless, it feels awesome when parking it at your friends place. haha
  8. My SR400's a nostalgia magnet. It seems to attract ex-riders drawn to memories of their youth.
    If I were stranded somewhere on the Nullarbor in need of help, I think I could park it on the stand by the side of the road for about ten minutes, and there'd be a middle-aged bloke turn up out of nowhere to tell me about the bike he used to ride in the 1960s, and give me unsolicited advice about maintaining it.
    Yeah, yeah, whatever, this one's mine.
  9. I norm get comments on the bike even if i dont know the people like when we were bringing her back on the trailer (cause i didnt have my license yet) and we stopped at the servo to fill up the car, went in and paid for gas and got a comment from the bloke behind the counter.

    Also comments from neighbors which i dont even know.

    gf thinks its "hot" and alot of other mates like it to even tho there not into bikes they "approve" of the look and sound, same with their parents, of which many dislike bikes hahahaha.

    Anyway, heres some pics of my pride and joy.


  10. *sigh ... Well she was definately the shiniest & cleanest she has ever been!

    My young nephew was excited jumping around and wanting to touch evvvv-ery-thing, asking a billion questions, all the time me thinking Nooooooooooooo Dont touch my bike !!!

    My brother nagging away & telling me to ride off instantly with me thinking, What? With an audience? :shock: Oh happy days :LOL: Now his trying to talk his daughter out of having a bike :p
  11. fitryder: is that a 250 rr? definately looks hot with that colour scheme, i like!

    my first experience when i first gotten a bike was great, you could tell chicks eyes were glued at my bike or me :) but hey i wasn't trying to show off just trying to concentrate and stay upright. its good to be different and live on edge.
  12. i just experienced this real recent as i just got my L's and i got a brand new VTR250. i rode it everywhere pretending i was a Ducati Monster.. thinking i was the coolest kid on the block .. until i went to Krispy Kreams to meet up with some other riders and well... my bubble popped... they had much better bikes than me :(
  13. No way Komunista. VTR250 is a great bike. Don't let anyone put you down cos it's a "learner" bike. Ridden well through the twisties it's as fun as anything on two wheels and better looking than most.
  14. a bike is a bike as long as it moves :p
  15. Hey bud, ya it sure is :grin:

    I love the MC22, best 250 out there I think (notice the I!)

    VTR250 is nice to but i like faired bikes and something a little more sporty. As riding goes tho, they are great, each to his own, no problem with that![/quote]
  16. Being female, I love the reaction when blokes hear that I ride :) Woot! I might add that I'm about 5', blonde, and definitely not the biker type.. LOL! and yeah I'm pretty proud of my bike too.. not that she is anything special, but to me she is brilliant!
  17. [/quote]

    Not that you're biased or anything! ;)
  18. im sure many blokes on here would like to see what your trying to describe suzy... afterall a picture paints a thousand or more words.
  19. I think it's a bit hard to show it off as I'm still on my L's, but I did ride around to a few mate's place... and to a birthday party on the weekend...

    Just have this cheeky grin on my face when people say, woah... who's bike? it's nice...

    Rode with a friend on Saturday night, both on our L's, both same bikes... stopped at the lights, a car comes up next to us, was a bunch of girls...
    My mate turns to me and nods his head, trying to indicate that they are pretty looking... so I just replied back by doing the vroom vroom revings... they just loved it... but then I felt like an idiot doing that on my L's hahaha

    Just love to rev it, vroom vroom vrooooommm... I think that is what I'm showing off now... hahaha
  20. yeah, it was a little while ago but first time i got out on the mito. lotsa fun.

    it was good cause it was something different. and it was red... brings back good memories