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Tell UR Stupid Crash on uR L's Plate

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ms_tear, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. for eg. Hit in to a park tree... :p
    maybe reverse in to a car
    or did your first wheels and scrape half off your butt cheeks.... ouch

  2. I never rode on the road during my L's period :eek:
  3. i dont know if you would call it an accident but i was riding last week when i came to a stop at my destination .. then all of a sudden i stalled at the gates and just kind of sat there and balanced for aboout sayyy 2 seconds .. thennnn bammmm over i go.. i guesse i kind of forgot i was on a bike... very embarrasing really.. but hey i have only been riding for about 6 days... so no biggy
  4. I havnt got my Ls yet ( doing the course tomorrow :D) but i have dropped it already. I tried riding it last saterday (no licence, on private property :p) and after i gave it a bit of a rev in first it worldnt go down, it keeps rising when im off the throttle, I panicked pulled the front brake and want down... at like 3Ks :D, no damage to me or the bike, its as if something is sticking.
  5. I nearly lost the front end practicing some emergency braking in a rather crappy car park the other day.

    Was just riding around and decided to do some emergency stops and found a rather empty car park but the road surface was kinda crappy (some gravel and not very even) but i thought "ya, sure, ill get some practice in on some crappy road cause all roads arnt that great"

    Anyway, sped up to about 50kmph and went through the drill, got to about 10kmph and hit a small pot whole with gravel, started to lose it but was going slow enough to put feet down and counter the fall with my weight and pull on the bars.

    Not really a crash story but lesson learnt
  6. Day 5 (I think it was) of my riding career; no namby-pamby L plates in 1974, just pop round to the country Cop and get your license! On my way to work from Denman to Singleton on the New England Highway, decide to pull off the road and stop (can't remember why!)

    Bit too much of the fancy-schmancy disc front brake on the dirt verge, and instant horizontality.

    Back at the dealer where I bought the bike I sheepishly asked for a new set of left hand indicators. Gales of laughter filled the small garage; "You've fallen off, haven't you???"

    I still feel the pain :cry:
  7. I looked at this topic as it read wierd.

    Seems it would have taken a whole lot more effort to type in 2 extra Y's & O's :roll:

    Then the rest of the text was too hard to read so I gave up.

    Whatever happened to typing shit that actually makes sense?
  8. How do you reverse a bike into a car??? I dont recall any bikes having a reverse gear.....

  9. I think he was using this

  10. Ummm, we are talking about Netrider yes?

    Regardzzzz, Dawg.
  11. And I thought it was just me and my alcomahol-befuddled brain :wink:
  12. never came off on my L's or P's but 3 weeks off restrictions and i had my first off in the main street at kangaroo valley cage stopped for nothing i didnt notice til late over reacted grabbed to much front locked it up and went down

    then first big ride after i got it back on the road, not sure what happened but something didnt feel right about a corner then i spotted a cage so i stood the bike up to get on the brakes like i used to on the gs if i was running hot into a corner and when i braked nothing really happened went bush rear locked when i hit the gravel off the side, then i was facing wet grass and a bank still doing about 60-70 hit the grass layed it down before the bank, got thrown head first into the bank :( now its time for repairs

    was a eventful 5 weeks on the storm
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    to use with your next post. :roll:

    Seriously, how do you people get through life typing the way you do??
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    to use with your next post. :roll:

    Seriously, how do you people get through life typing the way you do??
  15. Nothing "Silly" happened on Ls except the lady rear ending me because I had split in to 5-10km/h moving traffic and she wasn't looking (as said by her to my face) and ran up the back of me.

    Silliest things I have done are: When we first moved into this place, almost 2 years ago now I was walking the vtr 250 out of the garage. It's a very small semi deep inclined concrete area and one day I was moving the bike so I could wash it, I would just reverse on full lock and gain momentum to move it 'up hill' to a corner in the back yard not too far away which was perfect for it to wash it.

    Anyway, moving the bike in the back yard of the house we just moved in, there was sand/loose gravel (now know because there is some sort of brick making factory place behind us literally their fence is ours and it's an old wire loop one so easy for stones/gravel to be thrown onto our concrete area from trucks etc working in it. Moving the bike, needed to stop so I could move forward + backward again to get a better angle at moving to "the washing spot" and front brake on loose gravel on a semi steep incline = me realising in shock that the bike is going down down down, to funky town! I couldn't keep it up as the bike was moving quite quickly with momentum so I laid it down slowly as I could. No damage except pride/ego. One great things about naked bikes, no (expensive) fairings to fix :)

    Move on to new bike. Scratched the fairing very minor (so minor I cbf fixing it just yet, I'll wait til I heal or get motivation on a pain free day to actually take it to a shop to get fixed :oops: ). Lesson learnt was, always assume other people on the road WILL do the worst possible scenario and be prepared for it. I just didn't think this *beep* would NOT STOP at a give way or stop sign he was heading into and I was already moving off to turn right into the same street he wanted to turn left into. Still gets my blood going when I think about it.. Full story at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23458

    And another, after a "spanner day", the day went well (PNUT + VTRBOB are awesome dudes to learn stuff from!) and as I was moving the bike backwards, gained a bit too much momentum and the braided disc brakes (so I blame heh :oops: ) stopped the bike too fast when I grabbed some of it with my injured arm. Bike started to fall so I pull it towards me and it landed on me/my knee, not too much damage at all as I was it's shield. Self pride severely damaged and I guess I lost "NR brownie points" from the guys who ran spanner day :oops:

    One other time was the bike was standing still, I was just "messing about" in the garage with stuff and the bike somehow loses it's standing position from the sidestand (I think I put it down and the angle it was on, it hadn't "kicked in" fully in place and so was balancing on it's tippy toes so to speak) and I see it falling. I quickly did the same thing as I did at spanner day and try to be a human brace/shield for it. I was a tiny bit late and couldn't save it as good I did the other time. And being the "less than 100% state I'm in" I couldn't lift the bike easily by myself up plus I was jammed against "my work bench" and the bike.

    To get out of being squashed from the bike and the work bench, the bike was moved a little therefore a nice "movement scratch" has been made on the stator cover. I've been WAY too embarrassed with that one (or angry? who knows) and it happened while I wasn't posting on here and concentrating on getting better and therefore didn't post about it. Who needs to add to peoples worries (about damaged me + the "new bike"). I guess I need to either try find someone to powdercoat it or match the pain best as they can to cover it up or buy bling carbon fibre stator cover to put over it which I have been planning for 9 months anyway (officially as well, posted my thoughts on here! :) )

    I think I can post about that now as I'm not riding it anymore while "recovering" that I can see in the foreseeable future anyway so I'll post about it anyway. I'm glad the bike hasn't been laid down at anything more than walking pace. A bike has got to have some "battle wounds" to show you actually use the damn thing :> No care anymore and "flame suit" goes on about being injured and going anywhere near the only non human 'thing' that I LOVE. If it wasn't for that, I don't know where I'd be now. I.E I was at some stages in my healing I wanted to end it all and the bike certainly helped me from feeling REALLY DOWN and well, pushing up daisies might have been an option seen by (shortly) depressed mind. So, 2 slow moving downs and one non moving "what the hell" down. Could be a lot worse :? I'm here alive and so is "my baby", I can't complain at all. Well, maybe just a little :wink:
  16. hey Vic, I'M the one who whinges about grammar and stuff!!!

    Love the homey's word processor, though where'd you find that, nightgash?
  17. Me too it seems ;) I just can't see the sense in it when sitting at a full keyboard. Even when I was sending SMS's I would still send the entire word. Never worried me that it was sent over 2-3 messages. I loath SMS speak :evil:

    That was excellent.

    Cant wait for the Arab version to come out yuleh!
  18. :roll: *pushing past the trolls sidelining the thread.* :roll:

    I think most learners have their share of "incidents", you go to wide, don't wipe off enough speed or are focussed on one aspect and miss another.
    You just hope you remember enough of what you have been taught to survive the process. Keep up the practice and take small steps. Try not to ride too far beyond your experience.
  19. I'm not trolling at all.
    Look up the definition of a troll.

  20. nice to know you tryed :p