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Tell the Govt your views on Privacy

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. http://www.alrc.gov.au/inquiries/current/privacy/phonecomments.htm

    From news.com.au
    "AUSTRALIANS will have the chance to air their concerns about privacy protection in a national phone-in beginning today.

    The phone-in, organised by the Australian Law Reform Commission, kicks off a major inquiry into the federal Privacy Act.
    Commission president David Weisbrot said complaints were likely to include personal details being kept by telemarketers, the security of health information and the increasing use of video surveillance.

    "We readily give away private, personal information every day when we pay our bills online, go to the doctor, sign a petition or enter a competition," he said.

    "Most of our current Privacy Act dates back 20 years before mass marketing databases, Internet shopping and electronic health records.

    "We want to know whether the public believes that our laws and practices are effective at protecting privacy in the face of these new technologies."

    The phone-in runs today and tomorrow between 9am and 5pm (AEST).
    Comments can be provided to the hotline 1300 653 418, or the commission's website www.alrc.gov.au