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Tell me I'm not a weirdo

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AznCruiser, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. So fess up, who else does this..............all my mates think im wrong in the head for filling up my bike like this.

    I only fill up at the servo if the ride is more than a tank full........

  2. Re: Am I alone, tell me my fellow riders, please tell me im not a weirdo....

    ummm, that looks like alot more fiddling around than just taking the gloves and helmet off at the servo. Each to their own though.
  3. Re: Am I alone, tell me my fellow riders, please tell me im not a weirdo....

    That's the same way rain man fills up his bike
  4. Re: Am I alone, tell me my fellow riders, please tell me im not a weirdo....

    I have a jerry can so that I can always have a full tank ready to go on a ride. I don't use a siphon though, my can has a screw on spout that fits inside the tank so don't have any problems with spillage.

    I catch a train to work so drive to the station, so it's easy enough to fill the can when I fill my car. Don't think I could be bothered with your set up though, seems like a bit of an effort.
  5. Re: Am I alone, tell me my fellow riders, please tell me im not a weirdo....

    Yay, thats exactly what I do..............I aint no rainman afterall [MENTION=38481]666simms[/MENTION] lol :p.

    I only use the siphon coz the spout on my 20 litre jerry can is tiny............i found a siphon easier than hefting up 20L to pour petrol.

    I used to use a 10L jerry can but found it too small....sometimes I cant get a full tank. Especially when my tank is running on fumes after a long ride :)...........
  6. Everytime theres a spillage on the bike..........the bike gets washed :)
  7. Sorry, but yes you are a weirdo!!! :rofl:
    What happens when you're out on a ride & need fuel???
  8. sounds like my woman....dirty dirty girl.
  9. Hmm, flowing explosive liquid from a plastic container through a plastic hose insulated from earth.

    Nope, can't see a problem with that......though I can suggest a few easier ways to create an explosion.
  10. I do that some times...if I need to fill up the car and bike at the same time, why make 2 trips when you can just take one. However I don't use a syphon pump thing...I just pour it straight in.

    I have once ridden to the servo with a 20L jerry can to get fuel for the car though...awkward looks from the public as you strap a bright red 20L jerry can to the ventura rack.
  11. OP, didn't you run out of fuel? - about a year ago iirc? - and have to be rescued by lowercase?

    And yes, you are definately weird with a capital W
  12. Yeah I did :p.....................

    I ran out only because the Aprilia has such low milage compared to a cruiser :)...............and im holding on to that excuse :).
  13. Some would say that weird is one of my endearing qualities :), my ninja like skills at staling another heheh :p..............

    If I go on a ride and need fuel then ill fill up at the servo with my sad face on :(..............

    I like explosions :)..............will it go BOOM like the movies?

    Hey hey, heres another one.....................I dont feel such a weirdo afterall. Maybe us jerry can fillers is smarter than the average bear :p.....one less trip to the servo, and fuel on hand everytime :).
  14. it's called a PHOBIA.........and you may have discovered a new one........ now we have to name it:
  15. Petrofobia :p................
  16. I used to do a similar run with a pillion and a case of beer in between,then again and again.

    Too the O.P
    Naaa your not alone ,Just out of place . It`s how all farmers fill up things.slightly bigger drums of course, And dont put the wrong fuel in the wrong thing
  17. I like going to the servo. It reminds me of how cheap my bike is to run cf. my Patrol. $25 compared to $120.
  18. About $130 for me to fill up my car and the jerry can............station attendant sometimes asks me if the value is wrong lol.
  19. I fill up my fishing tinny that way but mainly because it's too hard climbing up the trailer and leaning down into the boat with the fuel pump hose (if it's even long enough which some aren't) and getting the boat in and out of the small servos near here is a nuisance.

    The trail bike I sometimes top up from left over boat jerry can fuel but I use a funnel and a jerry can not a siphon hose.

    I wouldn't fill the Harley that way unless I ran out of fuel.

    It seems a lot of hassle given that there aren't any access issues like I have with the boat...
  20. You are a grade A Whacko.

    I think we need to get to the bottom of this fear. Did you have any strange petrol station related mishaps as a child? Did an attendent yell at you for not taking off your helmet? Or have you just not worked out gloves come off before helmet and then the taking of the helmet off isn't such a tricky thing?