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Tell me about the Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vivendus, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Everywhere i go i hear conflicting stories..

    some people tell me these bikes shake anywhere past 110kph while others guarantee they comfortably reach 165.

    How do they compare to say a Kwaka ZZR250? I know theyre bigger, and the kwaka costs an extra $3k..... is that just superior parts and manufacturing, or is that partly the Hyosung trying to break into the market as much as the 'well-known' brands. What else?

    Does anyone have any decent piccies of a current model- ive also heard theres some minor changes in the motors etc since the last batch, and black chassis to go along with a new look.

    Any info or opinions (good or bad) greatly appreciated...

    oh, one more thing- anyone know where to get some decent desktop wallpapers *grin*


  2. apparently the hyosung is a great seller. Most of its parts are similar to suzuki parts.
    Engine is weak, but i dont think it will be any prob at 110kph.
    The brakes i hear are the weak point, from what i hear from some people they are a little soft and spongy.
    Besides that the bike is lets say "worth the money" for what u get at that price.
    all the best
  3. Comparing a hyosung to a kwaka is like comparing a bmw to a hyundi. also resale value will be vastly different when u upgrade.Better to buy a second hand good bike than a new ordinary bike
  4. buy the Hyosung and give it to me
  5. I've had mine for 8 months and so far no real issues with it.

    The brakes took a while to bead in, especially the rear one which made noise for the first 1000km, but they work really well. At 4500km the brakes were checked and were only 20-30% worn and I'd done 3 track days and gave them a thorough work out. Occasionaly they've felt gritty but the mechanic said they were 100% OK.

    Powerwise, I've added a straight-thru muffler, 'de-snorkeled' the air filter, tried Uni-filter air socks and re-jetted (several settings) but the engine is limited. I got more mid-range power but no matter what I do there's minor gains in peak power and no point going beyond 11,000RPM. Top speed around 165km/h, a little more down hill and little less up hill. :p

    City riding it's more than fast enough. Accelerates to 100km/h in about 7+ seconds if you try hard enough. Nice and manouverable for a 'big' 250.
    On open roads you notice the lack of power and slow pick up above 100km/h. It does handle the twisties as well as most bikes.

    Build quality wise it's good but not great. You get what you pay for.

    There's no real issues I've heard about except for the 650's and some valve damage.

    It's been a great bike to learn on both road and track. Being a bigger bike has other advantages too. At first I couldn't even do a 3-point turn as being 5'7" I could hardly move it backwards. After a few months it was a peice of cake. Last month I max'ed the rear pre-load which raised it further and stiffened the suspension. Now I'm used to it and can manouvoure the bike quite easily. Now I'm ready for a real big bike :grin: Triumph 675

    Would I buy it again if I had my time over? NO. I'd probably buy a bigger/second-hand LAMS bike.

  6. Thanks Natta and Rick- those are the type of responses people are looking for when beginners need help.

    evilooliver... uh, the exact opposite goes for your post im afraid.

    Looks like im once again leaning towards a 2nd hand ZZR - bloody hard to find- especailly in WA if you wanna go and check the bike out personally.

    Very limited stocks at dealers too..... hmmm.....

    As impatient as i am.... looks like its the waiting game for me..

    Thx all

  7. dammit - someone will trip up and say yes - someday! *day dreams*
  8. Check out www.korider.com

    And talked to a guys last night with one and he done with 6000km no problems.
  9. I have ridden both.
    If buying new then go for the gt250r. It will be under warranty if anything goes wrong.
    Looks wise the gt250r wins for me there.
    equipment wise it wins too.
    Go the gt250r :)
  10. no problems mate,
    Whatever you get, have fun riding!!
    Always remeber Bike = better than car
    So enjoy it
  11. hey Peter, I didn't know you were in the decorating business..... :grin:
  12. :LOL: :LOL: very funny
  13. Was talked into buying a brand new Hyosoung rather than a used CBR three months ago ... have had nothing but problems with it (though not sure if that's the bike or the dealer who supposedly fixes it each time its delivered back there on the back of a tow truck).

    Fuel leaks, flat spots and piss poor performance after 2000km. Would I buy one again ... nup. Could be its just a bad one out of the batch, but once bitten ...

    Would be interested if anyone else who owns one (GT250) is having problems with the fuel pump / manifold pissing petrol all over the exhaust