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Tell him he's dreamin'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ElZilcho, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Oh, and surprise surprise, he's "moving overseas"... Pass. :roll:
  2. The trading post always give me a laught at what people ask for stuff ,but the un educated might pay that ,so harm in asking. :wink:

    What gets me is there is always about 6+ ads for bikes saying .

    Bike........ zzr 250 .bazillion kms and it's rear wheel drive .

    :roll: :LOL:
  3. GSXR owner, what do you expect?? :p
  4. haha 17k... in cash. i thought that my wallet was a little full.
    "owner has to move os with family" deported???
  5. There's a dude leaving a very tasty black CBR1000RR beside roundabouts near our place with a for sale sign on it... and I saw him squidding it home yesterday. I have half a mind to ring and ask what he wants for it, on the fantasy that he won it or inherited it or something and will let if go for 7 grand or something... It's too much bike for me, but I could ride it around for a couple of weeks then sell it and get my SV. ;)
  6. Well only 1 way to know, pick up that ph & push those buttons, then get back to us, cause I'm sure we're all interested. :wink:
  7. That's not as funny as when I was looking at bikes.

    A little NSR150 apparently had a CD stacker!!!

    I should have looked into that... I can't work out where I'm going to put mine...
  8. Oh god. Send this guy to the pool room. :LOL: I wonder how many people have rung up his mobile and called him silly names. Notice how it is not a photo of HIS bike but what appears to be a Suzuki website image. :?:
  9. Yeah didn't you know that could be done Chani. :) My CD stacker sits above my cup holders (both for rider and pillion) and below below the switch for my electric seat. :grin:
  10. Is that anywhere near the ashtray?

  11. LOL @ CD Stacker on NSR

    What a retard!!!!

    ---everyone knows you have to remove the air conditioning to fit it in, and that's just stupid for summer :grin:
  12. :LOL: tell him he's dreaming :LOL:

    sounds like a real bargain :roll:

    I'm moving overseas (well not moving but going around the world for up to 6 years) and to fund that I'm selling my bike... if you're not taking your bike with you and you're going overseas then what's the point of leaving it here to continue to pay rego, insurance and depreciate in value and you not getting to ride it?? :?
  13. I didn't even think of that!!!

    Maybe you'll know what I can fit my 12" sub then...
  14. I am two bikes for sale and I am moving overseas as well. I hope this is not the general consensus that pple who are moving overseas and selling their bikes are bad guys or scammers. :( :( :(
  15. maybe its one of the situations where the wife has said "sell it or else". so hes figured if i put some rediculous price on ill never be able to sell it. :wink:
    (ignore bad spelling)

  16. :rofl:
  17. Selling due to licence restrictions
    Maybe lost his licence riding home from the shop...could happen :LOL:
    In that case I'm not buying it cause it's obviously been fanged :p

    Down to $14,490*

    *plus idiot fee
  18. Clearly says in his ad "No pictures of the bikes, just my cat.." Doesn't bloody explain it though.... :-s