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Television Dramas Should Die. Example 1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, May 23, 2012.

  1. As it produces crapola like this.


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  2. Netrider discount if you buy 10 or more.... who is in?
  3. I think it's actually a fantastic idea.
    It makes them easy to recognise before you get anywhere near talking to them...
  4. oh kind of like putting yellow stars on people
  5. just don't let a real bikie see it
    coz they'll rip it off, stick it up your arse,
    and ride off on your bike
  6. I'm not mandating it for people I don't like, but if you're the kind of person that wants to wear something like this...
  7. big deal, i wore a full patch on the back on the fancy dress ride, no harm in it, mine said California though
  8. now that would be funny seeing a fully patched member pottering off down the road on my GS500
  9. Fancy Dress ride is fine - have you worn it since?
    And I didn't even notice...
  10. i gotcha driftamundo
    just feeding the fire haha
  11. I've seen a few twats in Sons of Anarchy gear. The last one gave me a hard look, then got on his Hyosung 250 cruiser and rode off.

    I can't wait till the start producing the Aussie TV drama equivalent- Commanchro patches. That will be funny to watch.
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  12. ye wore it a few times, cops pulled me up twice and followed me once for 20 minutes, always confuses them, heard 1 cop on the radio saying whos this new outlaw gang, the reply was, um, that's a TV show, tax payers money at its best
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  13. there was a dude on e/Bay last year selling dodgey Bandidio t-shirts so it is only a matter of time before some twit tries it.

    And it wasn't the supporter gear either. complete emblem the lot.
  14. That is both unexpected and hilarious!
  15. and just for the record, QLD can get fucked
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  16. Plenty of bands have used the same kind of "Rocker Patch" concept for back patches and t-shirts but even liking a piss arse boring band/solo artist like SLASH isn't as bad as those telly dramas.

    Some other bands are
    Motorhead - (yeah ya can't say nothing bad about them because you just might be Lemmy's bastard child. Cool I know, but then you would have to picture Lemmy and your Mum 'rubbin uglies' )

    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Rose Tattoo
    Avenged Sevenfold (probably worse than SLASH)
  17. would that be the game played between two different States that is being held in a State the doesn't even compete at that level?

  18. correct, the superior game
  19. now that's some bait i ain't takin
  20. speaking of TV i had a look at bikie wars, but turned it off after 5 minutes.

    If the criminal lifestyle wasn't glorified, and they threw in a gritty plot it might be okay

    but its just the same polished shit as underbelly, glorifying over-australianised f uckwits who are trying too hard to act. even the tits couldn't save it. (thats what the internet is for)

    -glorifying montage followed by making a gun shape with their fingers and pointing at someone, yeah really scary

    G'day cobber are ya goin to the footy in your holden ute with bluey and bonza, fair dinkum d'ya want a VB?