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Telephone Counselling Services

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, May 18, 2010.

  1. Work’s pretty quiet, so I thought I’d list a few telephone counselling services that can help in a time of crisis. These services free or the cost of a local call, most are 24/7, so they’re relevant to people in any location. They’re confidential and anonymous should you choose (unless you present as at high risk of harm to yourself or others). Most of these lines offer counselling, information, and can suggest referrals. They stick to their service focus – for instance if you want to talk about loneliness but are not suicidal, SuicideLine counsellors will suggest you call Lifeline. Also, just to clarfiy what a telephone counselling line is for: they are for counselling, not venting – which means simply that they are for having a helpful conversation about the issue and/or your feelings about it. They are not for providing an ear while you rant. That said, it's not unusal for people to feel like they're wasting the counsellor's time, or blocking the service while somebody with a more important issue is trying to get through; this is a mis-perception - if it's distressing you, then your issue matters, and the counsellor considers discussing it to be an excellent use of their time...that's why they're there!

    There are a lot of services other out there: for different addictions, financial counselling, information lines, etc. If you have others you’d like to add, do so – this might act as a helpful referral to other madmen on the forum.



    Aus-wide. General telephone counselling line, for any counselling issue – depression, relationships, suicide, anything.

    13 11 14

    2. Salvo Care Line

    General counselling similar to LifeLine.

    Sydney Metro – (02) 8736 3292

    Brisbane Metro – (07) 3831 9016

    Regional NSW, Qld and ACT - 1300 36 36 22



    Aus-wide. Counselling around any relationship issue – with your partner, ex-partner, kids, family, friends, etc. See http://www.menslineaus.org.au/ for more.

    1300 78 99 78

    Suicide and Self-harm


    Victoria. For people at risk of suicide or disturbed by thoughts of suicide, for those concerned about another who is at risk (also see the website for advice), and for those who are grieving the loss of another to suicide.

    1300 651 251 http://www.suicideline.org.au/

    Suicide Call Back Service

    Aus-wide (excludes Vic). As per above – the ‘call back’ bit refers to another service they offer, but you can call them as per SuicideLine.

    1300 659 467 http://www.suicidecallbackservice.org.au/

    Grief and Loss


    Victoria. Bereavement over death, but also more: grief and loss refers to suffering over any loss – retrenchment; loss of activities or meaning due to illness, for instance terminal illness; loss of access to kids, etc - for counselling around the experience of suffering due to loss.


    ParentLine (not all are 24hrs)

    Vic 13 22 89; NSW 1300 1300 52; ACT 6287 3833; QLD , NT 1300 30 1300; SA 1300 364 100; WA 1800 654 432; Tas 1300 808 178

    Mental Health and Other

    Worthy of mention is Beyond Blue, which is NOT a counselling line, but an information and referral line around issues of mental health; Aus-wide 1300 22 46 36.

    If there is a telephone counselling service you suspect is out there, but cannot find, Lifeline might also be able to help with a referral.

    One of your best local sources of help is your GP, who knows the local services and can give you referrals, especially ones linked with Medicare.

    Edit: A good database for many services: http://crisissupport.org.au/communitydatabase/
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  2. Re: Telephone Counselling

    maybe this should be made a stickie; nice work, matt (y)
  3. Re: Telephone Counselling

    where is the number for netrider anonymous for hornet :D
  4. Re: Telephone Counselling

    Telephone Service Against Sexual Assault (Vic & SA)

    Phone: (03) 9344 2210 (After Hrs)
    Phone: 1800 806 292 (if you live anywhere outside metropolitan Melbourne)
    During the day the above number reaches the Centre Against Sexual Assault in Melbourne who will refer to the closest centre.

    This service provides confidential telephone counselling, information and referral. Operating from 5.30pm each weeknight until 9.00am the next morning as well as 24 hours per day on weekends and public holidays.

    Service is available for men and women.
  5. Re: Telephone Counselling

    Sticky for sure. Excellent thread idea. Even if it only helps one person, it's a life that could have been saved and someone in dire need of help that's felt liberated enough to do something about it.
  6. Re: Telephone Counselling

    + lots. Thanks, good work.
  7. Good post Matt. Stickied.
  8. http://www.compassionatefriendsvictoria.org.au/

    Compassionate Friends

    For those who have lost a child.

    24 Hour Grief Support
    Phone: 03 9888 4944
    Freecall:1800 641 091
    Fax : 03 9888 4900

    Very good service, you can also meet them face to face. Free service
  9. http://www.rtssv.org.au/

    Road Trauma Support Service of Victoria

    Toll free helpline
    1300 367 797
    Hours of operation 9 am - 5 pm.

    Free service that provides counselling referral and information to Victorian families and individuals affected by road trauma.
  10. Great thread Matt.

    Not telephone counselling but will point you in the right direction:

    Most Popular 12 Step Programs - Victoria (Unfortunately there are no national numbers for these. They need to be looked up state by state).

    - Alcoholics Anonymous Vic 9429 1833
    - Al-anon Family Groups Vic (for people affected by the behaviour of alcoholic friends or family) 9620 2166
    - Narcotics Anonymous Vic 9525 2833 (not just for 'hard' drugs. includes pot etc)
    - Gamblers Anonymous Vic 9696 6108
    - Sex Addicts Anonymous Vic 9513 2572 (don't laugh. it's for people who can't hold down a relationship because of their addiction to affairs, sex workers or p0rn).
    - Overeaters anonymous 9521 3696 (actually relevant for any eating disorders including undereaters eg anorexic or bulimic)
  11. A new database of mental health, welfare, counselling, etc and etc services:


    In a mental health crisis, there is the CATT (Crisis Assessment Treatment Team) who are located at major hospitals:
    "These services provide urgent assessment and short-term intensive treatment throughout the community to people in crisis due to a mental illness. This includes assessing the most effective and least restrictive client service options and screening all inpatient bed admissions. CATT provides treatment and support for people whose acute mental illness can be managed in the community with intensive outreach support as an alternative to hospitalisation. CATT operates 24 hours, seven days a week." Whether on behalf of yourself or another, a "CAT Team" can be found by ringing your local hospital. Alternatively, you can take yourself or the person to the hospital for an assessment, or just to wait out the period of risky distress in a safer place.

    If you fear a person might be a danger to themselves (or others, of course) - and I mean due to mental health reasons, it need have nothing to do with the Law - you can always call the police: they can go do a "welfare check" on the person; that is, go see if the person is o.k. and needs to be taken to a safer place such as a hospital.
  12. From SBS Insight website tonight 'cos they were discussing mental health:

    Getting help and support

    Lifeline - 13 11 14

    24 hour telephone counseling, information and service finder.

    Beyond Blue - 1300 22 46 36

    The national depression initiative

    Youth Beyond Blue - 1300 22 46 36

    Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800

    Confidential telephone counseling service for children and adolescents. Also Parentline for parents and carers of young children, state and territory specific numbers.

    Headspace - Australia's National Youth Mental Health Foundation

    Information for young people, parents and carers and places to seek help.

    Orygen Youth Health

    Specialised youth mental health clinical service, research centre and training and communications program.

    SANE - 1800 18 SANE (1800 18 7263)

    Telephone and online helpline

    Reach Out

    Online information and support for young people dealing with mental health and wellbeing issues.

    Suicide Call Back Service - referral line 1300 659 467

    A free, national telephone counselling service for people at risk of suicide, their carers and those bereaved by suicide.

    State based services


    Rural Mental Health Support Line - 1800 201 123


    Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team - 1800 629 354

    24 hour service for assessment and treatment of mentally ill people in crisis situations. Alternative number - (02) 6205 1065


    Suicideline - 1300 651 251


    WA Government Crisis Care Helpline - (08) 9223 1111

    Freecall - 1800 199 008, 24-hour telephone crisis line.

    Mental Health Emergency Response Line - 1300 555 788

    Rural freecall - 1800 676 822
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  14. ok, it's been a long time since i've been on the forum (over a year) and all has been going well. tonight not so good. there used to be a thread here somewhere where those of us who had occassional (or frequent) black dog experiences sometimes got a chance to share and get support. i cant remember which thread it was, and it is so long ago it was probably archived a long time ago.

    is there still somewhere here on netrider? my black hole is looming up on me.....
  15. i couldn't find it either, no matter what i searched.

    i made one for you - here it is:

    hope you're okay kezza. i hope you gave one of the above a call and they were able to be the ear you needed or the advice sought after, or that you come back on NR and we're able to help.

    take care and stay safe xx
  16. hey there, thanks for this. things are a little bit better today. sunlight always helps. a ride would've been even better but on just one hour's sleep - i figured i was safer at work....

    i'll head over to the other thread and say hi there too....

    nice to know the old netrider support hasn't changed since i was here last :)
  17. I volunteer for a telephone counselling service myself ... good publicity Matt.

    I encourage everyone, especially MEN, to be real men and pick up the phone when you're in an emotional crisis, because there are probably many people depending on you and you cannot offer your strength, until you work through your issues (weaknesses). It's normally around Christmas time when everything falls apart ... when family gatherings loom and people either don't want to go through all the tensions again, or increasingly, when there is no family to go home to during Christmas. Surprise yourself with the phone call .... you'll be wondering why you didn't do it earlier!

    Good work Matt.
  18. Kezza, xxxxx su
  19. One service that is missing and the boyzz have not posted up is
    Womens Domestic Violence Crisis Service
    1800 015 188
    24 hours a day
  20. I'm not so familiar with Family Violence services but that is one of the main ones for women. For men, as victims of FV from a male or more commonly female partner - which is very common but largely ignored, for which future generations will rightly criticise us - I'm unsure beyond knowing that Mensline are a good start. Be aware that FV can be perpetrated by any gender, but also by any family member - eg a child against a parent - and that it includes more than just physical violence. Emotional abuse is very common, often accompanied by no physical violence, and it accounts for more than it's fair share of suicides. FV, whatever the form, relationship, and genders involved, can be devastating and needs to be taken seriously. If you suffer it (you might be unsure, it can leave you feeling distressingly confused) but feel guilty and ashamed about picking up the phone, remember those emotions are a part of it's poisonous web.

    A new client couple were not present together with me one session, only the female partner that day. She had a anger management issues spilling over into worse: she'd been physically violent with him for the past year, and his mental health was terrible as a result. The day before he cracked and gave as good, but no more, than he'd frequently got - that was her assessment. Apparently, according to her, the problem was he needed to 'man up'. But it was different the moment he was violent. He was not present because he was down at the police station, being charged.

    [Edit Note: My opening sentence sounded to one forum member like a dismissal of FV towards women. Reading it again I can see how it might be mis-interpreted as having that tone, but what I meant to say was literally that, Yes, that is one of the main ones - put it near the top of your list. What I am saying in the opening sentence sums up what I think is the right attitude: regardless of who perpetrates more, FV is wrong in every instance. There's no room for blind spots. Many perpetrators, both male and female, and too many people in the community (including professionals), will dismiss FV depending on whether it's against women, or men, according to their biases.
    Of course, where there is a certain definable population who do it more (eg regarding physical abuse: statistically more males with regard to heterosexual couples; statistically more mothers when it comes to children) then we need to make an extra effort to recognise where and how the problem exists among that population. But that is a pragmatic matter - to effect the greatest change with limited resources - but most especially we need to get to the point of recognising that abuse and oppression are wrong, no matter who the perpetrator or victim.