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Telegraph "quickest commute" article

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by northerner, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Just had a look at the Telegraph today at the coffee shop (I wouldn't actually BUY that trash...). They did another one of those "what form of transport is quickest" - a commute from the city to Parramatta.

    They chose Push bike, car, bus, train and ferry.

    How on earth could they not have put a motorbike in there?! Even a frickin' scooter would have smoked them all..... ](*,)


  2. Because people who ride motorcycles are evil.
  3. They're all Telegraph journalists, so they just arent cool enough to ride motorcycles.
  4. Hipster Telegraph journalist: motormobiks........what are those?
    Rider: shows a picture of said bike
    Hipster Telegraph journalist: Ohhhh those ones, arent they loud bicycles. Ah I dont like them, too loud, they hurt my precious ears........
    Rider: Shakes head
    In comes NiteKreeper: (shouting) SMIDSY MOFO!!!!!!!!
  5. Interesting to read that of a few of the 14 comments posted by readers, a few of them mention motorcycles/scooters and how that would be the quickest.
  6. Yeah but they wouldn't have used motos because they're no different to cars...
    Remember you're expected to sit behind in line with traffic on any moto...](*,)

    Filtering is against the law and none of us would have filtered would we now......8-[8-[8-[
  7. Funny you mention, i've just posted how i got pulled over by an unmarked car for filtering (above other things) this morning.
  8. It's amusing to see all the people who think a bike would beat a train.
  9. You think a motorbike wouldn't beat a train on that route?
  10. Should count our blessings IMO. The last thing motorcycling needs is more recruits who have NFI, and whose sole reason for buying a bike is because it will get them home quicker.
  11. Probably not, but it should beat the push bike, without the need for a shower afterwards.

    Also, I think she got pretty lucky with the train. she clearly didn't have to wait for the train and got a good run. If the contest started 4 blocks from town hall then the story would have been different.
  12. If it took me more than 50 minutes to get to Parra from the city on my bike I'd be having a very, very bad day.
  13. many long time riders began their riding career with a commuter bike..
  14. a supermoto would be the fastest way to commute.

  15. Don't know about Sydney, but the urban section of my commuting route runs parallel with a rail line. Station to station, bike and train take, effectively, the same time. However, on the bike I don't have to wait for a train and I can park closer to work than the nearest station so front door to desk is quicker on the bike.

    OTOH, if I was less gung ho about filtering and splitting (as most other riders seem to be :twisted:) the bike loses some of its advantage.

    Not that it's entirely relevant 'cos the first half of my journey has no train route and the bus timings are a bit of a joke unless you work a rigid 9-5.
  16. the first time i got my bike, my current 15 minute commute took 3 hours!!!:p
  17. True, and I'm not criticising commuter riders (I am one). I just don't think we need more numpties going around saying "I tried riding a bike, but it was too dangerous."
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  18. In a similar vein, moving to Griffith Uni soon for my job, and was trying to find out about parking. The good (excellent!) news is that bike parking is free, and there seems to be a reasonable amount of it. The bad news is that the 2-page, closely spaced 'parking' leaflet new staff members get has zero mention of bikes, and the web site even mentions bicycles along with heaps about cars, but not motorbikes. Gotta go deep, into an obscure pdf, to find out about bike parking.
  19. I know that when I go in to Brisbane tonight to pick the Mrs up and take her to her other job it won't be in the car... quickest commute is a pretty easy call.
  20. Scooter won in this one:


    A quote

    Ahead of me two motorcycles were moving slowly between the lanes of stationary cars in a maneouvre called "filtering", which undertaken slowly and skilfully provides a big advantage in heavy traffic without causing car drivers any delay or difficulty - just envy.

    Whilst searching for the above also came across this - not sure if its current or an oldie but thought I's share.