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Teleconferencing - Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hi all -

    I am a member of a board and need to set up a free or low-cost teleconferencing system for interstate or long distance members that they can access from their home computer with a microphone and talk to us at the meeting. Does anyone know how to set this up with say, something like skype? and what type of hardware would we need, microphones etc?

    Is anyone an expert in this sort of thing?

  2. Even MSN can do it, all you need is a mic, camera, and half decent net connection.

    You know, the alternative is speakerphone phone call. Maybe a little more pricey, but less lag/bullshit than a vid conference, and people can all hear each other.
  3. we probably won't do video. it's not really needed for our purposes. I've figured out how to get multiple people to a skype call.

    now i just need to figure out what would be a good mic to use for the meeting room.
  4. now maddie, have u got 1 of those call me, call me now lines going??? pm me the number :LOL:
  5. Assuming that there will be a number of people in the meeting room? You might have to be content with a microphone that comes with a Soundblaster if cost is a factor.

    Or, you can spend around $70 on a mid-range Logitech webcam. The one that I have here has a mike built into it and works well as a "speakerphone" when we do Skype video calls.

    If you have one of these at each station of the conference, you can then have a true video conference by using Skype audio and a service called mebeam.com.

    We use it this way as the mebeam side of things doesn't work very good with audio. Last Xmas we had 6 people video conferencing for about 2 hrs. Worked well.
  6. the hardware might not be a problem, i think i have that sorted. my concern now is - what about internet? i have a broadband wireless modem (one of the little ones) on a 1gb plan, is 1.5hrs of teleconferencing going to chew that up big time? i'm not talking video, just audio. if you have say 4 or 5 people all conferencing at once (with most of the people in one room together and 3 or 4 additional others interstate.)
  7. I've been looking into the usag of VOIP against my ADSL2+. Apparently it depends on your codec. The codec I use runs at about 50mb per hour of VOIP (G.729).

    IIRC - If you use Skype remember that it is based on P2P systems - other peoples calls will be routed through your connection like a repeater and this will impact bandwidth.

    I've just given up on 3G wireless - too many drop outs to be reliable. YMMV tho.