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Teknic Leather Jacket sizing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by klau, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to purchase a Teknic leather jacket from overseas, and am having a bit of trouble with sizing. If you have a Teknic leather jacket, could you help me with the following:

    - Model (violator, hellion, chicane, etc)
    - Size
    - Your actual chest size

    (I would rather not waste local bike shops time, if I am not going to buy locally)

    Thanks for your help,
  2. I'd just received a Teknic Chicane 2 pc leather outfit in size 46 (US), and I can tell you it is way too big for me!. I usually wear a EURO 52 (~US 42 if I understand it all correctly), which is borderline too small now.

    I looked at the sizing charts, and although my chest measurements were a bit off the recommendations, I worked on the other measurements, and the waist size (and the suggestion that Teknic usually sizes about 2 sizes larger than the other brands - can't remember where I read that), so I took a punt on buying the suit. Suffice to say it is sitting in my cupboard now, unused. The jacket I can almost get away with, but the pants are way too big, I'm 5"9/10 about 70kgs, and would suit someone probably 10+ kgs heavier.

    Am looking to sell this BTW, it is Black/Silver and brand new if anyone's interested, asking $450 which is pretty cheap for a 2pc leather suit!. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Sorry to hear the suit is too big.

    The sizing thing is a pain. The guy that does the video reviews at sportbikegear says for teknic, you will need to go one size smaller for fit. But in the videos, for the impulse, he wears a 44 and for the hellion, a 46. Confusing as his build is very close to mine.

    I might take a punt like yourself and hopefully come off lucky!

    Good luck with selling the suit.

  4. any news on the fit of these teknic jackets? im looking at buying a Violator, im pretty tall and thin...
  5. Iv got the newest violator. Its a great jacket.

    Iv got size 46 USA/can/uk (56 EUR)

    Im about 175cm tall and about 85-90kg.

    Cant find a measuring tape to check my stomach,etc but ill keep looking. I know iv got one somewhere :p

    It fits nice a snuggly. Its got a winter liner, but being in Brisbane, ive never used it - even in winter. Itd come in handy in melb or sydney id imagine. Its got some nice protection. Back protector and 'speed hump'. Shoulder padding + Plastic shoulder protection with air vents in them (great idea). a bit of stomach protection and some nice arm protection too.

    It weighs about 5kg i think. Its got all the zips n buttons to let you attach it to your belt, or to a pair of teknik pants.
  6. Sorry, I forgot all about this thread. I ended up just buying locally when the Aussie dollar dropped... and then on an Alpinestars jacket (was on sale).