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Teknic Chicane 2 Piece Suit

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by gsxrjames, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Thought I’d bring this to the attention of anyone currently looking for a suit.
    AMX has 1 and 2 piece Teknic Chicane suits on sale atm for $650. I think this is roughly the price of the jacket alone usually (maybe slightly cheaper) so it’s a pretty decent sale. They have mostly really large and really small sizes but you might get lucky. I’m a pretty average 70kgs 5’11 kinda guy and I found one.
    The suit itself is really good quality. I tried on an Alpine* the day before and although the leather is slightly softer, there isn’t much in it. The Teknic suit looks great, feels comfortable and has some pretty good safety features such as a weird cross stitching with steel wool and really thick ce armour. Also has stacks of the elastic fabric that runs pretty much the length of your arm and from your knee down.
    My only concern when purchasing was that it would get hot as it isn’t perforated. It does when sitting at lights but when moving actually lets in a fair amount of air through the elastic sections to keep you cool.
    The only thing I wasn’t too keen on is the joining zip. As the pants have elastic round the waste the zip tends to bunch up and is much longer than the actual diameter of the pants once on. This is probably the case with most 2 pieces though. I found it much easier to put the suit on already connected. Very easy to remove, just a bit fiddley to get back on again.
    That’s it. If your after a suit its well worth checking out.

  2. not a bad price, whats the colour range?
  3. I got the one first post
    The 2 piece ones are eithor this colour or plain black.
    Few more options with the 1 piece. Think they had reds and blues as well
    I think it will depend on which shop you go to, which day, what will fit...because its a sale item atm. Suits i saw in bayswater AMX, mostly 54-58 sizing except for black and grey

  4. This jacket looks exactly like mine, but mine is perforated.
    I got it for $500; supposedly the normal price was $650.
    I got black leather pants instead of the silver ones.

    I'm no expert, but IMHO it's great gear.

  5. Why did I read this as

    "Teknic CHICKEN 2 piece suit"

    I need more sleep or glasses or learn to read or maybe a combination of those
  6. Maybe you feel like some chicken & chips who knows...
  7. I'm hoping that was $500 for the jacket alone :eek: I'm fairly sure the suits had a rrp of $1200-$1300.
    I think the one piece suits and the jackets are perforated but the two piece suits arnt. Not sure why they chose to do this, but meh. like I said there is pleanty of air flow coming through the elastic.

    I could go a two piece feed. Where's KFC...
  8. Yes, that's right. I think the pants (which are black but are also Teknik and hence can be zipped to the jacket (not that I have ever actually done that)) were also about $500.

  9. I have had one for about 3 years, they seem pretty good but I have not chucked it down the road so I may be wrong.

  10. hope it stays that way :)