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Teenager rides trail bike into Bacchus Marsh supermarket

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Now I know I should condemn this - BUT

    my maternal grandfather was known for riding his horse through the bar of the Nar-nar-Goon and Foster pubs early last century (and creating havoc). This seems to be right in keeping with that attitude so I rather hope the little pr1ck gets away with it! :)

    POLICE are trying to find a teenager who drove a trail bike into a supermarket in Bacchus Marsh yesterday afternoon.

    The youth, believed to be about 14, entered the foyer of the Gisborne Rd store about 5.30pm.

    People had to jump out of the way as he rode the white and green bike to the checkout area.

    He then applied his brakes, causing a 10m skid mark inside the store. The bike struck automatic doors on the north side of the store, breaking glass.

    Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au


  2. too many re-runs of "The Blues Brothers" :LOL:
  3. "I'm on a mission from Kawasaki"
  4. Did he buy anything or was he just passing through? Parking can be a biatch at some of these places.
  5. Those automatic doors aren't as quick as they used to be :rofl:

    I hope he gets away with it, too!
  6. Sorry, no chance. It seems his mum happened to be there to dragged him away by the ear. Cops would probably have been the better option.
  7. What's the difference between this, and those crazy people on mobility scooters, I seen one dude driving around Safeway on 2 wheels on one of them...... May or may not have been the one I rented for my mum when she smashed her hip..... LOL
  8. That's not the way I read it? Staff had bailed him up and his 'auntie' made them release him?
  9. i know why he hit the door, because he was riding a kawasaki. they are fail.

    theres a video up, its less amazing than you think, just touched the door pretty much.
  10. ....We'll see about that mister!
  11. More here (with video)...

    A young trail bike rider yesterday terrorised shoppers, riding his bike into a supermarket before skidding to a dramatic, window-shattering stop, forcing patrons to jump out of the way to avoid injury.

    Police said the boy, about 14, drove into the foyer of a Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh supermarket about 5.30pm yesterday and rode his green and white motorbike into the check-out area.

    According to police, the youngster, who was wearing a helmet and full motorcross gear, then applied the brakes suddenly, leaving a 10-metre skid mark down the floor of the store, but failed to stop before crashing into the automatic doors and smashing the glass.

    But the drama didn't end there. The boy was apprehended by shop workers, who then copped a blast from a woman, believed to be known to the boy.

    A Victoria Police spokeswoman could not confirm it was the boy's mother, but said she obviously knew him.

    The employees let the boy go. He and the woman then fled the store.

    Police have appealed for help in identifying the pair. They have asked any shopper who witnessed the incident to come forward with information that might help them find the young biker.

    No mention of what he did with the bike?
  12. I see they've updated the news report (with video). Earlier reports suggested that it was the mother as per OP. Either way, he's cactus.
  13. You assume his mother actually cares........
  14. the cop has a smile on his face the whole time, that simpsons judge comes to mind...

    "boys will be boys" *down goes the hammer*
  15. Oh the terror!!! Those poor shoppers will never be the same again. If they can't consume they're not much good to society, they'll need to be put down if the counseling doesn't work.

    I think the lad's learnt his lesson, there's nothing worse than bumping into your parents at the shops and being embarrassed by them, his mates will never let him live it down.
  16. Hahahahahahahahahaha
  17. Probably rode it home. How do you think he got it there in the first place.

    Real question is, will the Police treat this as a "hoon" offence and impound the bike - or is riding through a shop less serious than doing 120+ on a twisty road someone decided to stick an 80kph limit on.
  18. Just saw on the news, his "public apology". Couldn't even look into the camera :p Hilarious!

    To be fair, I think we've all dreamed of screaming around inside a large shopping center before...
  19. come on, who didn't do something stupid and awesome in their youth? what is the world coming to when some harmless fun is jumped on.

    make the kid pay for the door + any damage to the store and let him go on his way :D
  20. hmmm yep