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Teenager Cager

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Get this, my big sisters friend just had just passed her advanced motorcycle course and was riding on her way home when a group of teenagers in a car started tailgating her and messing with her (through the windy adelaide hills), eventually they overtook her and drove off. THEN
    they came back a few mins later in the opposite direction and went head to head with her in a game of chicken. Whether they meant to or not WANKERS hit her head on.

    Broke a few bones, very shaken.
    Just shows you how ^&%*ed up some drivers can be, and aint nothing you can do about it sometimes.

    Ride safe everyone.

  2. :shock:

    You know...if I saw that I think I'd stop and beat 11 kinds of shit through the people in the car.

    Hope she's on the mend but seriously...WTF!?! :evil:
  3. WTF is this a serious post!? did the car then stop? i hope the police were called, the occupants of the car and the driver should be charged with some serious serious charges. :evil:

    i just can't fathom this
  4. I am dead serious about this post people. And here i am 10 days away from my licence :shock:

    They stopped alright, authorities were called, not sure about whats happened to them yet. Claimed it was 'accidental'.

    I would like to meet them in a back alley as well. I need to get a bikey gang together, Boondock Saints style...
  5. Unfcukin' real... Is there no limit these days. People have no respect. I hope these kids get pulled through the wringer.
  6. Accidental? Charge 'em with attempted murder. The driver should certainly be thrown in the can for a few years to cool off and grow up. Wanker.
  7. All for what, a laugh!!!??? Bloody wankers deserved to get their arms chop off so they won't ever drive a car again
  8. I'd be getting their details and going vigilante styles in a few nights time!

    Words cant describe an act like that. I'm really glad your sister is 'O.K.'

  9. Amen brother. Serious, who would think it's a good idea to try and smash into someone head-on? I can't understand the need to make oneself feel bigger by playing chicken with a bike...i just can't.

    Glad to hear your sis is alright though...is she still going to ride?
  10. What a bunch of idiots, I hope that they get all that's coming to them. I hope your sis is alright and she continues to ride.
  11. I'll reserve judgement on this one.
  12. i have a friend that works for the RTA... what say we find out where they live and an impromptu netrider meeting can be had? ;)

    seriously though, that's all f^&ked up. i hope your sister is ok and eventually gets back on the bike.
  13. Despite your protestations, this story just doesn't quite ring true. The unanswered questions are whether or not the lady did something to provoke a response from the car's driver.
    Then, was the driver alcohol tested? Was he drug tested? Was he arrrested and held for questioning? Was his car impounded, and the bike, for that matter?
    I'm sorry, Owen, either you're not telling us the whole story, or this is a newly-generated urban myth. When a story starts out with "my big sister's friend........"
  14. hornet's got a point there...........more details?

    anyway, that's attempted murder to me.........remember the aussie cyclist who recently died due to a head on with a car? well one of the team-mates who was hospitalised said in an interview that she may have thought the girl driver was playing chicken with them. now this may or may not be true but look at the results........using a vehicle is a lethal weapon. thus attempted murder.
  15. i hope she is ok,i hope those pricks get wat they deserve!!!
    the main thig is she is up and about.hopefully she will get back on the bike again
  16. i see no reason to not beleive it or even to think that there might be a whole lot more to the story. my uncle has a mate that was hospitalised when a driver DELIBERATELY knocked him off the road, actually told police that he "doesn't like bikers" when he was picked up :shock: you dont wanna beleive it, but shit like this does happen, there are some real arseholes out there.

    and what in the hell kind of provocation could possibly warrant being hit head on by a car?? i mean seriously, there is no justification in the world for someone that doesn't know you to just up and decide to knock you off the road by playing chicken, accident or no accident :evil: and all the other stuff your asking about may not be known by owen there, theres a good chance that the victim doesn't even know yet.

    i'll take it at face value until i see a real reason to not beleive it....
  17. Damn, thats harsh....

    Sounds like usual Adelaide bogans to me... Hope all works out well for your people Owen. Please keep us posted on any details!
  18. Time to clear some stuff up people. It was my sisters best friend who was on the bike, not my sister. Im pretty sure she intends to start riding once shes ready again.

    And for those thinking this is an urban legend, or that im not telling the whole story....go STICK IT WHERE IT FITS. I am not lying about this. Nor do i have to justify it to any of you. I just thought i would let people know there are WANKERS such as this out there, deliberately targeting people on bikes. This girl did not do anything to set them off. I mean c'mon..

    Ive said enough. Be careful out there people. The world is a messed up place sometimes and shit does happen when you least expect it.
  19. Hey there - really sorry to hear about your sisters friend. I'm from Adelaide too and a learner rider to boot, so its extremely scary to think that this happened.

    Though on my way riding into work this morning some idiot decided that I was going to slow through a school zone, and overtook me in his V8 commodore about 50m from a round about. Pretty clever of the prick!!!
  20. There are a lot of them out there Trisha, today walking to uni i was ON the zebra crossing - 3 cars drove straight in front of me without even seeing me on the crossing, i was already half way accross!!! I wacked the last on the back window i was that close.