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Teenage Racer Dies at Cadwell Park.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. courtesy crash.net

    The tenth round of the British 125GP Championship, at Cadwell Park on Monday, was marred by the tragic death of Chris Jones.

    The fourteen-year-old Red Bull Rookie was caught up in a start-line accident involving nine riders. He was flown by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to Hull Royal Infirmary, where he sadly succumbed to his injuries this morning (Tuesday).

    "To have a fatality in motorsport is always terribly sad, but for a 14-year old to lose his life is quite devastating and my thoughts are mainly of course with Chris's family, but also his team and the many friends he had in the motor cycle racing world," said Jonathan Palmer, chief executive of MotorSport Vision.

    "Chris was an extremely talented young rider who was surely destined for great future success. He had been racing bikes since the age of nine and had competed in over 60 races in that time. I have watched him compete many times in 125cc races at our circuits and admired his talent. Chris was absolutely passionate about his sport and it showed in his results."

    Very sad.
  2. All sports have a level of risk involved and a recent survey found motorsports had the highest level of injury, mind you I think 2 wheel racing would account for the bulk of the injuries.
  3. poor kid.
  4. 14 years old????? ye gods, there was hell to pay here when Ron Boulden faked his age to start racing at 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry, of course.
  5. Do you think there should be an age restriction hornet?
  6. Well, Dan, we do have age restriction on open road-racing licence in this country, I believe it's 17, hence my comment about Ron Boulden (mind you that was in the late 70's)
    Yes, I'm not comfortable with this idea of children playing adult sports when they are still children. We seem to be happy for these kids, as gifted as they might be, to lose their childhood in the pursuit of fame and fortune. I'm sure this lad's talents would have been just as good, if not better, at 17 when he was a little more mature, plus probably physically stronger, and had had a childhood! Old guy's rant over!!! JUST MY OPINION, see my sig!
  7. So people under 17 shouldn't be allowed to play Test Cricket, or AFL? <not fishing, just debating :)>
  8. Short answer, no
    Longer answer;
    We have licence restrictions for driving/riding, we have an 18 year thresh-hold for voting, we have age restrictions on smoking, drinking and sexual activites. I agree, of course, that all of these three are probably more violated than observed, but they are in place, especially the last one, to give children the chance to have a childhood before the responsibilities of adulthood comes crushing in.

    To the best of my knowledge, no-one has died from waiting!

    And, look at the mess in women's tennis, just for an example, with these child prodigies being pushed through the system, and being burned-out wrecks before they're 25!
  9. Codger mode on....

    I'm no farmer, and I know there are kids out there riding bikes around on farms, but letting a 14 yo. take part in a very dangerous sport with lethal probabilities is nuts!!

    Give kids bmxs and Xboxes, leave the lethal sports to adults.
  10. Sorry, but I disagree, do we ban kids skateboarding because the guy came off the pipe crossed over and broke his leg, or the Extreme MotoX guys, a lot of those guys are at their peak at 17 and 18. Australia has some of the best young surfers in the world, both male and female, and nobody can tell me surfing is not a dangerous sport.

    More importantly most of the top European riders, including Rossi, started riding at very early ages, and were competing against people a lot older than them when they were in their early teens.
  11. Did the little dude die doing what he loved???

    We are not in control of the "off switch"

    When your number is called, your number is called :(

    Sorry to hear of the tragedy of course
  12. Sad news, and you don't hear of too many deaths on the Race Track. My understanding it is very low numbers, but any number is a tragedy.
  13. not good at all
    what is there age limit over there too race ?
  14. There are several 15-16 year olds running in 125cc in both the Australian and Hartwell series. I don't know the system MA has but obviously there must be some form of restrictions to prevent "kids" jumping onto a 1000cc Superbike straight away.

    Speedway introduced a Junior class in which 12-16's can compete in 4 cyl sedans of up to 1200cc. When they hit 16 they can progress into the larger cars or open wheeler classes. Drag Racing has a Junior Dragster Class in which kids can compete in lawn mower engined small scaled dragsters.
  15. Got to agree with Vic on this one, ( Hey look Vic, :LOL: :shock: that makes it twice in one life time ). Yes sad indeed. But Hornets comment, I bet your very proud of the Mick Doohans, etc. Well, when did they start? Very young I do believe. Ok they did it on dirt tracks but the danger is still there. Lets not wrap our kids up in cotton wool. For crying out loud, we would never have a champion at anything in this country, if we stopped our kids competing just because it is dangerous and they might get hurt. Cycling, surfing, skateboarding, football, rugby, cricket, walking down to the shops, I could sit here all night highlighting pursuits, all out, could get hurt, FMS, poor little buggers should never be allowed to get out of bed. Come on Hornet :roll: , bit of a knee jerk reaction there bloke.
  16. I'm guessing here that you haven't had to bring up children. That doesn't necessarily preclude a sensible debate on the subject, but it does colour one's judgment, let me assure you. The world is spending billions of dollars trying to get the children to be grown-ups before puberty, while parents are trying to keep their children as children for just a little bit longer.
    I saw Wayne Gardner's first road race and he was 17. He HAD raced motorcross, but there's no comparison between that and road-racing. The earlier comment about surfing being as dangerous as road-racing is too stupid to dignify with a reply.
    All I'm saying is that parents should resist the temptation to live out their unfulfilled fantasies in their children, and children should be allowed to grow up, as children, and SHOULDN'T be dying at 14 on a road-racing track. Whatever the motivations for this child's parents, their lives have been destroyed, and nothing would ever have compensated for this.
  17. Casey Stoner went to England so that he could race 125's cos he wasn't allowed to here in Australia.

    That has now changed and there are some very young (15 years) old kids now running 125's here too. In fact I think one won the last round at Mallala.

    Tony Hatton ran a series here in NSW with little 80cc race bikes to train kids who wanted to road race. They were strictly controlled srtarting when they were 13 and had to leave the series when they turned 16.

    There were no deaths or even serious injuries for the whole time that that series ran (until MA got political and stopped it, I might add)

    May I share some of the names of riders who ALL started racing in that series and graduated from it.

    Chris Vermeulen
    Luke Wicks
    Anthony West
    Russell Brookes
    Tim O'Halloran
    Joshua Forster
    Alex Gobert
    Jeremy Crowe
    Reece Bancell
    Casey Stoner
    Russell Holland
    Craig Coxhell

    And that's not a complete list.

    Yes, teenagers should be allowed to race under controlled conditions. I believe that Tony Hatton's series has proven that. I saw many of these kids race in the series over the years and I believe it works.

    For the record, Hatton is presently negotiating to start a similar series again, and MA are behind the proposal.
  18. Would you have allowed Graeme to road-race at 14??
  19. In Tony's series, yes, definitely. It was beautifully run and the stats show that the kids who ran the series experienced far less injuries than they would have if they'd have been running any form of dirt bike racing.
  20. Hornet, I think you're overreacting with 'motivations for this child's parents' business

    I'm 24, and I wanna road race because it's fun. Why would this not be the case at age 14? I still wanna have fun, just because my parents signed the form doesn't mean they are forcing me - 'unfulfilled parent's fantasies' is a BIG assumption to make if you haven't met the kid or his family.

    this kid got oof on racing like the rest of it - he probably couldn't wait to get out there. racing is fun, that's why people of all ages want to do it .(remember it's very hard to make a 14 year old kid do anything he doesn't want to)