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WA Teenage motorbike rider, 18, dies after fleeing police on stolen bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dsyfer, May 18, 2012.

  1. http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/motorbike-rider-loses-leg-after-police-chase/story-e6frg13u-1226359897112

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  2. The report sounds pretty plausible to me.

    They turned to follow, he gassed it and stuffed it into a roundabout.

    According to the article he was still on the road they spotted him on. So it hardly seems like there was time for a chase.

    I'm all for sticking it to police if they do something wrong, but going off half-cocked ruins our credibility for when there's actually something to make a fuss about.
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  3. At least it didn't have a cock mouthing off about how they can't get the message out and how much they are trying to get motorcyclists to slow down.
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  4. Stolen bike? got what he deserved.
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  5. He deserved to get caught and punished, but never say that about someones death. Especially a kid.
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  6. alright, let's rephrase that; he took the risks and lost, while the Police were doing their job. If it was YOUR bike, you'd want the scum who stole it caught at least.
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  7. ...... Are you serious? no one deserves to die over something so trivial.
    as smile said.. he deserved to get caught and punished.. not die.

    he was only 18.. had a whole life ahead of him.
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  8. yep, a whole life of crime, to go with his existing life of crime
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  9. The only thing he had in front of him if he hadn't binned it was a 21 meter rear wheel skid and then flipping randomly into the air.
  10. really.
    two police on motorbikes just happened to be there.
  11. It can happen. Particularly if they were dirt bikes - they tend to be found in pairs. Do solo's have onboard cameras? truth should come out if there's a coroners inquiry.
  12. Trollolololol
  13. when you've worked with a roomful of 13 year old career criminals for a few years, come back and tell me all about it, ok? otherwise, yawn.......
  14. Life has some pretty hard lesson's to learn, sad that this young bloke didn't live through his.
  15. Or a life of taxpayer-funded accommodation.
  16. hail Satan !
  17. granted , motorcycle theft is entirely deserving of a painful gratuitous demise.
  18. I am ruining "our" credibility with what I posted? Do you even read these articles or police releases on anything pursuit related? It's like every single time something happens they come out with "but we were not pursuing at the time".
  19. My earlier life of crime didn't lead to a later life of crime. Some people are stuck in it for the duration, but I think it's perhaps a bit harsh to presume that any random offender you know nothing about is headed for that.