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Teen 'tried to strangle Dawn Fraser'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by revhead998, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26007238-29277,00.html

    OLYMPIC swimming legend Dawn Fraser was forced to fight off an intruder who allegedly tried to strangle her during a terrifying invasion at her daughter's home, Sky News reports.
    Fraser and members of her family confronted 10 teenagers who were trying to break into her daughter’s Sunshine Coast retreat on Friday night.

    The 71-year-old told Sky News she "annoyed" at the teenager's actions.

    “This one guy came out of the gate and grabbed me and I grabbed him by the ear and kicked him in the groin and he had to let me go,†she said.

    “And he threatened my life and I got really annoyed about that and just grabbed him by the ear and by the hair … we made him lie on his stomach until the police arrived.â€

    Two people were arrested following the incident.
  2. And this belonged in the politics forum???

    Honestly!!!!!! :mad:
  3. laws, ??

    Edit. oops my apologies Vic
  4. Love it!

    When will teenagers learn not to test their antics on the tougher generation?

    Can almost imagine her dragging him by the ear back to his parents and giving them an ear bashing about his poor attitude.

  5. Dawn Fraser: floats like butterfly, stings like a belly-flop :grin:
  6. Wish he'd won.
  7. Watched an interview with her this morning and it was reported, that the teenager she 'detained' also rang the police for help when she wouldn't let him up :LOL:
  8. and the fcuked up thing is,
    even though someone broke into her home at night and threatened her life, Dawn herself now faces the firing squad if she didn't inform the little shit he was under citizen's arrest for assault/breaking and entering/attempted theft/attempted 'murder' before she did what she did.
    it annoys the hell out of me just how many rights we give to violent break-and-enter criminals, and how defenceless you really are in that scenario, in your own home

    she'll probably get the ear-grabbing and groin kneeing dropped as self-defence, but sitting on the asshole would be unlawfully detaining his liberties, from my vague grasp of citizen's arrests

    old girl did well, but it's a new world
  9. Maybe I'm crazy, but if I was detaining some violent little shit; I wouldn't let them use a phone, lest they ring other violent little shits for help.
  10. .... go Dawnie!!!..... :LOL:
  11. It's alleged that there where 7 of the little shits, and when she went into fcuk off mode and started defending herself, they all ran like lasts nights curry ! :twisted: :LOL:
  12. I suspect she still has some muscle from her career - and obviously the 'tude is there!
  13. I recon any judge that convicts old Fraser is going to find themself public enemy number one :LOL:

    The rest of us would be screwed over by the BS laws though :evil:
  14. There's one bit of justice: for the rest of his miserable life he's going to be the useless d!ckhead that got his nose wiped on his own arse by Dawn Fraser. :)
  15. Since Bradman died, she has become our No. 1 legend. she is untouchable.
  16. reminds me of the other story of the ex-professional boxer
  17. What was that one?

    And love her or hate her, you have to love gangstaz getting their arse handed to them by a 70 year old. :LOL:
  18. Yeah, it's amazing that someone who has a handicap car spot outside their house managers to restrain a robber and go on dancing with the stars.
  19. Pardon me, but W(ho)TF hates Dawn? She's never struck me (and I count myself lucky - big swimmer arms) as a particularly polarizing or controversial sort-of character...

    (though I guess the teen featured may argue this)
  20. I'm just amused that she described the situation as "annoying". God, any more laid back and she'd be in a coma.

    And if I was detaining someone, I'd let them use the phone to call for help. Sort of. Id call the police and then give it to them, so they can ask for help.

    "You want help? Call the cops. No? why not? Oh, thats right. You're an idiot"