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Teen Shot In Melbourne Was A Good Family Friend

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by citymorgue2, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. feeling pretty low. The teenager shot in Melbourne last night was a very good family friend. for those who dont know anything about it, this is just one of many stories in papers.


    He wasnt a bad kid. not on drugs. a little messed up. His dad died of bone cancer 4 years ago last week. I babysat him and his brother for 5 years when the were younger. they were all at my wedding. He was atacked on the trains last night and came up so upset and aggitated that something went off inside him and he just wanted it all to be over i think. Well i guess the cops helped him out there. bastards.

    Its a terrible terrible thing. And worst of all it stinks to high heaven of cop BS. 4 cops with guns against a scrawny 15 yr old. they dont deserve to be cops if they cant handle that situation. Ive worked for the Federal Police. I know BS when i see and hear it. anyway I didnt want to start a debate about that.

    I would encourage anyone who reads tis to consider the situation and give their support to non lethal weapons for police such as tasars. this would never have turned out this way if they had tasars.

    My thoughts an wishes go to his famil and families of anyone else who experianced a similar situation.
  2. im sorry for your loss, but dont blame the cops. if someone had a knife and was trying to kill me I would have done the same thing and i would hope the police are able to do the same.

    not saying this to try to upset you and i live near by and may have worked at the school that the boy attended, no death is good
  3. How about instead of spending god-knows how much money on non-lethal weapons for cops, we spent a fraction of it on mental health instead???
  4. what surprises me is that the kid was sprayed with capsicum spray and he still was not subdued.
    sorry for your loss but the cops can't be blamed for shooting him, as sad and tragic as it may be.
    Let's hope we don't have Greek style riots like when the 15 yo was shot by police there.
  5. twice apparently...

    I am sorry for your loss mate and the tragic loss of a young life.
  6. Probably need to look at tasers, don't they? They drop pretty much anything, and while they're risky, they're a lot less risky than the famous VicPol hail of bullets.
  7. It is a shitty situation no doubt, & I am sorry for your loss. :(

    If the police had more options this may have been avoided. Hopefully this will bring to light the need for more non-lethal option for the police force.
  8. I am sorry for your loss and I tend to agree that the situation seems to have escalated beyond what I would consider a normal level of response from the police. No doubt more information will come out. If he was not of IMMEDIATE threat to any members of the public then containment of the situation would appear to have had better results. I have read some reports that there were members of the public in close proximity so perhaps he was judged an unacceptable risk to those people.

    No matter the circumstances a tragedy for all concerned. I will watch the incident investigation with interest. Condolences again.
  9. Sorry for your loss. I think it's sad that 4 policemen had to resort to shooting a 15 year old boy as their only option to ending the situation. This isn't only a horrible situation for the boy's family, but also the police involved.

    I think the issue with tasers is that because they are "less than lethal" they will start being used in situations that don't really warrant them. The incident with the Polish man in the US is really sad.
  10. It is always sad when such a young life has ended.Personally i can never understand in police shootings when someone has a knife or simular why they cant shoot them in the leg.They are supposed to be trained with guns right.There was 4 of them right.The main instance that i remember was a disturbed man on a beach 15 police around him with dogs but they had to shoot him dead.That said i am sure events such as this do take a toll on the police involved but with that in mind maybe better planning in these situations would help all involved.
  11. It's always sad when at 15 years old you think the only option is suicide by cop :(
  12. To blame the cops involved is a silly thing to do, but you're probably at that stage of grief right now where you are trying to find something to point your emotions at.

    Apparantly one male cop was backing through the park and managed to get himself into a stairwell. The kid lunged, he opened fire and the other cops did to. Two rounds to centre of body mass, as they have been trained to.

    Z900 - shooting someone in the leg is by no means a guarrantee that they'll go down. The odds are they won't at all, no matter what hollywood will make you think. Add to that the fact the police aren't really -pistol- shooters as such and you've got adrenelin, panic, fear and excitement all making your hands shake like crazy in the dark where you can't get a proper sight picture anyway. And it's more than likely you'll miss and send stray rounds somewhere.

    Smee - if you're surprised pepper spray didn't work I wonder what rock you've been living under for the past few years. It's well documented it doesn't work on some people of certain nationalities and many people, depending on drugs, physical make up etc simply do not respond to it as many do in training situations.

    Sorry for your loss mate. very sad, but I hope you can see why people acted the way they did.
  13. with a pistol its pretty hard to hit someone in the leg from 10meters when you are nervous,scared,rushing your shot. let alone a moving target.

    thats why they are trained and ordered to shoot for the centre of seen mass.

    much better to kill someone trying to kill you then to wind up dead because you missed his chicken legs.
  14. I don’t think you should be sticking up for the police either...

    Your right - its not a good idea to point fingers - but you cant choose a side until the facts are released.

    Since when does a knife (held by a 15 year old boy who probably does not know how to use it and who was out numbered) need the same force to contain as another shooter or an explosive weapon??

    I cant stop thinking of this today and my thoughts go out to the family and friends.

    I was not the best 16 year old kid either back in my day - and a night of teenage drunk and disorderly lead being hit with a batten and stitches. Sometimes the punishment does not always fit the crime unfortunately this boy does not have a chance to learn by his mistakes.
  15. Sorry for your loss. If I was put in the following situation I probably would have done the same. Sometimes a situation arises where there is only one option.

  16. If anyone advances towards a police officer with a potentially lethal weapon (and even in the hands of a 15 year old boy a knife is a potentially lethal weapon) and then refuses to cease advancing then one is putting oneself at risk of being shot.

    That's regrettable but it is not the fault of the police.
  17. where i come from pistols are considered to have as maximum range as you can throw it and are affectionatley described as "hip jewlery" or "paperweights"
  18. Hi all.

    The facts are 2 knives - significant size. Held by a young man lunging..... What do you expect the police to do - use their limited hand-fighting skills? This is not a movie where you disarm a person with a knife - let alone 2 large knives. This is reality. The law states a knife is a deadly weapon and as such considered the same as a fire-arm.

    1). What would the public say if the police officer attempted to dis-arm the poor young man and were stabbed and then later died - what would people say to that - probably that the police should have shot.

    2). To better health - definetly, 100% agree, this should be the case. BUT, it does not solve situations such as this.

    3). A taser - Definately a better idea. This is something that should be seriously considered - but it too can be escaped if a person is determined enough.

    4). So, lets look at this situation - Pepper spray does not work - the taser does not work - then what, let the police be stabbed? No, thats notn the answer. There will always be situation where everything is tried and a sad ending is to occur.

    5). Better defence skills for police - agreed, something to seriously consider.

    But in the end...

    To the family and friends - I am truly sorry. :(
  19. Since when did it come down to a fair fight? The police tried all the other rather poor alternatives they had in their power. Horrible as it seems why should a cop with kids and a family wrestle a nut with some knifes? They talked and gave him a squirt with the spray and then shot him.

    And Jesus Smee, you need to calm down. One of the few things i liked about you was that you could take it as well as you gave it. I'll put it down to a bad playground duty today. :LOL:
  20. So then anyone transmitting HIV or other STD's should be shot - or drivers that drive under the influence, or a drunk who smashes a glass and poses ready to fight...

    Actually - they confiscated my knitting needles off the airplane the other day.. thank god i wasn’t shot!!!!