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VIC Ted FailYou does a U-turn

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamKawa, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. More speed traps for motorists

    With a drop in revenue the old chestnut "PUTTING number plates on the front of motorcycles." is back on the adgenda... ](*,)

  2. So it's official speed cameras CAUSE accidents.
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    Exactly how I read it Nik
  4. I read it as revenue, and they admitted itnstating the reason behind removing the news paper inset stating locations, as state revenue dropped 8%.

    Contradictory twats.
  5. Little bit of a beat up, but there might be some truth in it.

    While it might signal a change of policy, the only decision that the Minister has made SO FAR is to stop publishing the locations of mobile cameras. It is the reporter that is claiming that the other recommendations will be adopted, including FNPs. Not the government. Yet.
  6. as if the police WON'T ask for them....
  7. They probably will but we are talking about VicPol here. Maybe they'll just ramp up doing a bit of this instead?
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  8. Vicpol seem to be on a bit of a campaign to get more personnel out in marked cars, guess we'll see whether they want more covert cameras or not.

    That compromised, sycophantic arse-licker Des Pearson is the one that wants more revenue collected for his good buddies.
  9. Don't you love the blatant hypocrisy? It's openly admitted that revenue dropped because people supposedly were aware of the camera locations, so they slowed down further to ensure that they don't get snapped. Yet, crash rates DID NOT alter.

    Ryan, that sleezebag, has decided to "err on the side of caution". Bullshit - the government is desperate for money, so it sees speed cameras as a legitimate source of revenue.

    I've always said that they don't want to stop you from speeding. Rather, they want to CATCH you speeding.

    And as a senior professor at MUARC admitted in an interview a year or so ago, the problem isn't "speedsters" doing a few kays over, particularly on roads such as Eastlink. It's the excessive speedsters mixing it with significantly slower traffic that's the real problem.

    The current regime of pinging motorists for doing a few kays over ensures a steady revenue stream (and where the majority of the fines come from), because the points attracted means that they can continue to ping you til you do eventually lose your licence.

    The alternative is Labor, if anyone is dirty on the Coalition. Just remember that Labor first introduced speed cameras back in the 80s and when it got back into power under Bracks, it ramped up the scheme and tightened the tolerances.

    The only other alternative that I can think of, if anyone was considering a protest vote, is to put every sitting member last. Vote for whoever you dislike the least and then let's see what sort of government is formed. Then do it again the following election.

    Hopefully the maggots will get the message that they're not there for self-serving reasons, but rather, to serve the public.
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  10. +100 on the voting strategy. Just need to get vocal about the issue so they know why they are going to lose those seats.
  11. After watching the news this morning I'd rather get pinged by a camera than by the cops.

    At least a camera isn't going to handcuff me then beat the crap out of me.
  12. Actually that's not exactly right and it's more like this...

    Speed cameras advertised..
    Police on strike...
    Police warn of camera's ahead...
    Revenue down...

    Now gov pissed that revenue down so????

    Stopped advertising speed cameras... (Notice I refuse to call them safety cameras...)
    Now, police blitzes increase and back to what there were doing...
    More camera's activated...
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  13. got to fund their pay rise somehow
  14. Payrises, ah, yes.

    The Remuneration Tribunal has just announced massive pay rises for federal politicians. This will undoubtedly flow on to the state MPs.

    Now, I know that if we pay peanuts we get monkeys. Unfortunately, with politicians they'll crawl over their dead mothers' corpses in just to gain pre-selection. So, it can't be all that bad a gig.

    Unfortunately, again, the payrise will not stop the cretins from getting in. They'll do whatever they can to stop true talent getting elected, and we'll continue to see more of the same rubbish as this thread suggests...
  15. This isn't a U Turn it's more like they were doing Donuts and got dizzy and stopped facing in the opposite direction to what they started at.
  16. that explains why I'm vomiting so much.
  17. Of course - they don't measure safety, they measure speed and take photographs based on 'excessive' speed.

    A safety camera could remotely monitor BAC, speed, tailgating, driving while tired, hey - it could probably even take your photograph if your brakes aren't working properly because that's unsafe!

    Spin! Speed cameras they are indeed.
  18. The Ted Baillieu Victorian Liberal Government has now shown how truly weak it is reaffirming how party politics have once again failed the community.

    The auditor general’s report still has one large thorn in its side and that is Redflex.

    Redflex Holdings Limited 2011 Preliminary Final Report
    Page 10

    Australian/International Operations - continued


    We have continued to expand our business in Victoria, with the installation of red-light and speed cameras for the Department of Justice. All contracted 29 red-light and speed sites are installed and 15 have gone live.
    The Victorian Auditor General is due to bring down a report on his review of photo enforcement systems in the coming months. We expect that this report will provide valuable guidance on the effectiveness of camera systems and help us identify expansion opportunities.

    Redflex ASX announcements - Report date 23/8/2011
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  19. Sounds like it's a foregone conclusion that they'll build more then. There are some things which should not be privatised in the name of the public interest... This should include gaols and law enforcement (which includes speed cameras)... The possibility of impropriety is just as bad as impropriety itself.
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  20. Speed cameras aren't "privatised". Rather, the government has contracted this company to build, install and to maintain the equipment.

    Victoria Police is the operator of the camera system and is the one that issues the fines.

    The only operation by private contractors is the mobile speed cameras (ones in cars parked by the side of the road). They are directed by VP and I think Vicroads has an input as to their deployment.

    Of course, having a company that profits from this sort of thing is a worry, given that the whole thing can be open to corruption. And given that we have an OPI (or did) means that corruption is something that cannot be ruled out here in Victoria.