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(TED) A new idea in computer interfaces - Siftables.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I know there is a high component of geekness on this site so I thought others would be interested in a new idea in computer interfaces from MIT. The mouse and keyboard are so last century. :)

    Warning Audio and Flash Video needed.

    TED Talk - Siftables
  2. Why is is when opinion is sought there always has to be some whiner who dumps on the whole idea and can say nothing good about it? This application may not be perfect, or have universal appeal or application, but its possibilities appear to be huge; congrats to clever minds.
  3. Did someone dump on the idea?

    Bloody brilliant innovation. I'm really impressed.
  4. There were a few negative comments on the TED site itself, unfair ones I believe. This is a concept not a product. Most of the negative comments were based on it being a toy and the users could not see the possible ramifications of user interfaces that are spatially aware.
  5. +1, pretty short sighted to diss it as a concept.

    As a tool for learning.... Well basically I get the shits with all these crazy ideas that are supposed to make learning a game. Learning is serious business, now sit down, shut up and read your bloody book you illiterate, ADD ridden piece of shit.
  6. Ah, right. Well, that's just very short sighted.
  7. bloody hell, techNERDology is moving to fast, when does it end, like oil, has to end somewhere
  8. not while ever the miraculous human brain can think, while computers can just calculate
  9. Oil is a finite resource, technology is an ever expanding concept. When the oil runs out, technology will be helping us to survive without it. Technology can never run out - it's not a single thing or reliant on a single thing.
  10. Fantastic start to a new concept, even from the demo's relating to simple applications could you imagine the benefit in grid-style scenarios ? How about city traffic controls, cubes that interact and compensate when one cube goes "offline", instant altering / phasing of traffic lights to compensate. Taxi control via gps interaction, siftables plotting routes for cabs nearer to customer bookings, electricity grid balancing, basically anything network related that needs instant contingency controls in place. Brilliant idea in the making methinks
  11. Surely Sharky you'd do all that in software rather than building little connecty blocks?

    I dunno, I'm having a hard time imagining the practical use of these things. They look like fun though, and would be very cool for kids. I like the idea but I'm not knocked out by the practicality yet.
  12. lol :grin:
  13. Maths and English in junior school, this would be an amazing tool.
  14. I wish I had the vision of some of these people. I've had a couple of bosses who have been able to look at a technology, a trend or an idea and see the future. One of them would take a whiteboard marker, the other would just start talking, but both could weave the most fascinating spells with their ability to see the connections, consequences and opportunities.

    Me, I see cool glowy blocks.

    Perhaps the p0rn industry will work out how to monetize the idea, then you'll see the true pace of development.
  15. i reckon these nerds know what will be released in 10 years time and have the brains and technology to do it but wont because they slow it down to make more money in the meantime