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TechSpec Gripster tank Grips - WOW

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MV, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I put them on last night, application is quite easy, took about an hour including sculpting a middle tank pad from left overs, plus I spent about an hour the other night working out the best shape & cutting them to size.

    I bought the generic kit because they don't make a specific kit for my bike, half an hour would a generous amount of time to fit if you had tailor made pads.

    Riding to work this morning, my immediate thought was 'Holy Shit, I feel really planted on the bike'.

    Gripping the tank was not only easier, it seems to be a lot more intuitive, & this translate into confidence. One of the nicest commutes I've had in a long time, & a very smooth one, usually I struggle with smoothness in the traffic, especially when I don't commute regularly.

    Under heavy braking there's no movement, no more sliding forward & banging you're balls into that tank, that's a relief!

    Easily the most bang for buck mod I have done to the bike, & that list is pretty long!

    OK, they look a bit naff, but they are well worth the sacrifice, can't wait to get into the hills or on the track.
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  2. Which model did you get? I looked into these some time ago but couldn't decide.
  3. where'd you get it from?
  4. The C3 Version by the looks of it, ordered them from Motomummy because I was getting a few other things as well, spur of the moment thing, turned out well :)
  5. Awesome - I have wanted to buy these for a while now but i realised that I grip the part of the tank that is a plastic fairing, not the actual tank. (ninja 250r).

    Will this stick on the plastic part? And should i get the custom sheet to cut out the moulds vs get the stock part given the shape might only suit the actual tank?

    Is it hard to work? I am very bad with arts and crafts. 8-[

  6. I just fitted my tech specs yesterday, haven't been for a proper ride in them yet as you're supposed to let the adhesive sit for 12 hours, but they definitely feel like they would do the job and it was easy as to install. I went with Snake Skin and it seems fairly grippy but not uncomfortable.

    On my Monster the whole tank is plastic, so it will definitely stick to plastic, its just an adhesive on the back. :)

    As for the custom sheet vs standard shape, in the picture here the standard one seems to be perfect for you, so its probably better than going custom and risking stuffing it up!

  7. I know most things wear down over time, how well do these hold up when compared to others? I much prefer these over stompgrip, as the spikey bits have been known to damage leathers and jeans.
  8. G'day Mogley,

    If they make one to suit your bike, I would go with that, it'll be easier.

    Either way it's not hard, sharp scalpal & take your time.

    It will certainly stick to the plastic parts, no worries.

    I believe the edges may delaminate from the adhesive or the edges fray with a bit of use, but to rectify that, you can simply peel them off, trim them down & reinstall them.

    I chose these over the Stompgrip for that reason, being mainly street riding with the odd trackday. Better to wear out some cheap sticky foam than my riding gear.
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  9. My next purchase. The question is C3 or snakeskin?

    Is there a cheese factor to the snakeskin in all honesty?
  10. I ordered a set from there for my Street Triple.

    Few days after order: "We're out of stock - 2 weeks"

    A month later (after hearing nothing) I email back - "The supplier forgot yours. Another 2 weeks."

    ANOTHER month later (after hearing nothing) when I asked for a refund - "I posted them today"

    Convenient, that...

    Hopefully I can make them fit the Nuda otherwise that was a waste of $75
  11. Glad I subbed to this thread. Might have a squiz around at alternatives if that's the service you copped.

    Feel free to jump in anytime importer dude..
  12. Spoke to Mark from techspec-aus the other day asking the same questions.......apparently the snakeskin is tougher material whereas the C3 is more rubbery. The C3 is actually the more grippier out of the two but it wont last as long as the snakeskin..........for road riding Mark suggested that a C3 would be better as its more comfortable...................

    The price I got them for was the same if not cheaper than buying from America :)............so about $60 for me with the discount ;).
  13. You did well - I didn't even get a reply
  14. You've done extra well considering the internet price is $75. What was the turnaround time? I'm 50/50 at the moment.
  15. Just fitted C3 to my BMW R100RS. Had to cut and shape my own but it was easy and there is a fair bit left over. They also supply outlines of 10 different shapes. Chamfering the edges is a bit tricky. I used a bench grinder after practising on a bit of scrap C3.. Highly recommended!
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  16. I emailed him and asked him what the turn around time would be and if he'd give a fellow NR paid up member a discount at all. Hopefully I get a favourable response.
  17. I'm all for supporting local suppliers wherever possible, but that sounds like a joke...
  18. I dont have it yet, I just ordered it recently...............
  19. Been using snakesins for years - best bang per buck for nut protection.

    Latest set I bought from the australian distributor - no problems with tehir service - he even arranged for replacement pads (with different adhesion) to be sent from the US when I found out the originals wouldn't stick to the plastic fairing (known issue on the Ninja 1000 set).

    I think pro-cycles hold some stock as well.