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technology, seriouswii

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. today i had a rush of blood to the head, and bought myself a wii.
    wow, soooo much fun!!!
    then after an hour or so of getting flogged by a 7yo repeatedly, i ponderred the possibility of the wii-mote being used so intensely that it becomes a lethal projectile :?
    i was pleasantly surprised to google up this rippa of a site
    anyone here been struck by the evil wii? :grin:
    [this thread posted via wii ;) ]

  2. What a great invention! I have needed one of them since my Atari days! :shock:
    Really though, any competent plastics shop would take all of 30 mins to knock something like that up, in your case Joel, I would suggest 18mm Lexan. :rofl:

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. The Wii is great fun, and wins hands down in the games console for groups category.

    But Joel, the Wiimote comes with a wrist strap. Put it on, and stand away from the TV when you takes a swing at the electronic tennis ball !! :p
  4. As long as you didn't try and freeze yourself in ice for three weeks to get one (ala Cartman)!!!
  5. heh, only one casualty so far. young bloke walked behind (after being told not to) and copped a wii-mote to the noggin :shock:
    a few tears and a "muuuuum, dad hit me, i got a red mark :( :( "
    poor little bugger, i feel like i abused a child :( :LOL:
  6. But...did it feel good? Come on, you can tell us! Just a little bit, deep down!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Heya Andrew, did u work at Atari in Melb? If so do you know Darren B the senior programmer? :?
  8. I can't believe how impressed I am.
    I couldn't quite believeI through in the old cliché....
    Back in my day :roll: insert groan here.
    I chanced by the opportunity to get down and get into some heavy duty wiing for the first time ever.I managed to commanadeer my mates Wii when visiting earlier tonight, I played non stop for 3 hours, and am pumped and ready for another 3. All wii's should come with a warning label.... caution, this machine has the abilty to leave users feeling exhilerated in both body and mind , may take up lots of your future spare time and some not so spare.
    I reckon another few hours sitting here, seriously trying to convince myself I dont need one of these, all along knowing I am wasting time, prolonging the decision that I know has already been made and I'll be motoring out to the 24hr Kmart in Burwood to get me one of these.
    I can easily see myself still playing this gadget when the sun comes up.

    I have to have one of these things, the procrastinating I am doing is only serving to delay the enevitable, so best I stop torturing myself and go buy one. :LOL:
  9. bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!
    you have no choice!
    they are fun on so many different levels, even knowing that the tubby-gamer generation are straining muscles/pulling tendons is enough to keep me playing it.
    rock is too good at bowling now though :(
    but i got her covered in the driving games :LOL:

  10. I think _owning_ (or using) an Atari might be a little bit different than working at Atari :wink:
  11. True to form I continue to debate myself on the pros and cons of buying a wii, 12.30am and I decide I will go to bed, sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.
    1.30am and I am out in the garage warming up the bike. :eek: :LOL:
    The hour long trip to Burwood is cold, very cold, but the rush of the mission blocks out the pain.
    My excitement soons turns to severe disappointment, they have none in stock :( The ride home was painfully cold and seemed to be never ending.
    You know how when you look forward to something so much that when it doesnt work out you get so pissed off with the idea you cancel the idea completely, well thats where I am at, the mood I am in I don't even want one of these wii thingo's anymore.

    But, being female gives me the perogative to change my mind, and I have a strange feeling once I wake in the morning I will be back on the mission again, but this time I will ring up before I leave home.
  12. That sucks!, But it always happens to me, I procrastinate then want something and its gone or not available and you have to wait.
  13. An ad announcer on 2UE this morning pronouned Wii as "double-you two".

    lol@ teh old people
  14. :shock: My right arm, shoulder and hand are seriously sore today.
    My right index finger is really, really, really sore, I can't even ride my bike I'm in so much pain.
    Alas, I'm still buying one :LOL:
    No pain, no gain :wink:
  15. I am considering getting one of these, my 13yo son is a pretty serious gamer (360) and my 10yo daughter is starting to get into it. Neither of my kids are overweight but I can see it happening if I don't limit the time spent on the 360. Shool marks are good and homework gets done but I still don't want them sitting in front of the 360 like a zombie hours on end.

    Anyhoo...having said that, the Wii looks like it gives the kids a bit of a workout whilst playing, (I have never played it), is this the case ? Are they burning some calories while playing ?

    I also see the Wii as a game console that the whole family can play, geez I might even get the Mrs hooked. So...Wii users do ya recommend it ?

    *edit* : So Caz...didja get it...didja?
  16. Calories = Yes
    Whole family = Yes (You'll be sorry! But you'll enjoy it)

    It's a whole lot of fun, and best with multiple people playing.