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Technically it is a motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Or at least it would be in Victoria.

    Either way, I so want one of the new Morgan 3-wheelers.

  2. Looks almost like a spitfire with no wings - love it!
  3. Run up some ones clacker and instantly you have a stuffed motor and front end,
    That could be very expensive,

    Looks good tho.
  4. Yeah apparently they are making them in the States these days. That engine looks like the s&s x-wedge(?).
  5. Reminds me of the one Peter Sellers drove in 'The Party' - sort of...

    birdie num-num!!
  6. It is an S&S engine, not sure which one exactly though.
    Also uses a Mazda 5-speed gearbox, which presumably would mean it also has reverse.
  7. Harley "Screaming Eagle" 1800cc engine and a 5 speed Mazda gearbox. 0-100 km/hr in 4.5 seconds.

    I was talking to the guys at Zagames and admiring the Morgan Aero they had on the floor when my wife bought her Citroen. They were talking about it then and they were hoping it would come into the country.

  8. Yep - that was the earlier Morgan three wheeler with the JAP engine. These days it would be worth around 20,000 pounds.
  9. Love it! Everything old is new again. What do you reckon, hornet? I'll bet you knew at least one person who had one. (With the JAP engine and the drum brakes, of course.)

    And no it doesn't look like a spitfire. A spit is one of the most beautiful man made objects ever created. A tri-mog isn't even all that attractive.
  10. Agree, this is more like a Sopwith Camel. Ugly but cute.
  11. That looks entertainingly barking.

    Having watched an original 2 speed Mog, in a fetching shade of purple and Castrol R, take on (and beat) a brace of Bugatti T35s at Donington Park, I can attest that, given some determination, a trike the right way round is a quick little beastie.
  12. Air-cooled madness!
    I'll take one in matt black, but you can keep the decals.
  13. looks gnarly...

    Getting bugs in your teeth could never be so fun.
  14. I was expecting a CanAm or a Reliant Robin, or some horrible bastard child of a Harley and a Beetle. This, sir, is awesome.
  15. That is so daggy...... I love it. What sort of hat would you wear ???? It would have to have ears or a whirly thing on top.
  16. love the pipes down the side of it, very cool

  17. Full sheepskin lined leathers, with flying helmet, goggles and a ginger moustache. This is one time when it's awesome to be a redhead.
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  19. Is this one made from wood too?
  20. I saw a similar thing with a Moto Guzzi motor parked at a motel a few years back. A quick browse suggests it might have been by a mob called Triking.

    Also theres - http://www.blackjackzero.com/mainindex.htm

    Nothing like DIY.