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Technical Tyre Question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by snoman, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. I bought an old bike with an old tyre on the front
    the old tyre has heaps of tread on it, it has not worn out yet
    but its bumpy - lumpy and the tread sticks out on certain parts of the tyre
    this is a nuisance and on a perfectly flat tar sealed road
    the front tyre wobbles up and down and feels like there are 20 bits of chewing gum stuck to it.

    My question is

    (besides being a nuisance) is this dangerous?
    Will it cause my front shock to wear out?
    Will it cause poor tyre performance or a lack of traction?
    or shall I just keep riding the lumpy tyre until it wears out?

    Its seems to go away when I go faster

    And lastly Does anyone know where can I get a cheap tyre? (Sydney)

    any comments?
  2. tyre worth??

    with all due respects, how much is your life worth??
    I spent $300 on a michelin pilot for the front of mine not so long ago and I am sure that I saw a bike shop in sydney on Torque mag offfering $499 for front and back balanced and fitted!!
    only an inch of rubber on the road, I'd want it to be safe stuff!! but thats me.
  3. How many roads are flat? i hear syd is notorious for bumpy roads. ~ makes it worse for traction???

    you want a cheap tyre? wreckers xD

    Your life on two wheels and you want to op for a cheapo tyre or keep the old crappy one..... ](*,)
  4. Sounds dangerous, get rid of it ASAP. Don't skimp too much on tyres, you've only got two.
  5. +1

    Anything could happen with the current ones, scrap them as soon as you can.
  6. Sydney's got shit roads? Been on the Monash lately?
  7. None.
  8. It sounds very much to me like the compound has hardened off rendering the tyre useless. The tread on your tyres don't do the job of gripping the road, they are there to disperse water. The tyre's rubber does ALL of the gripping for you. However if the rubber is shot, the tyre is shot. Get rid of it as soon as you can. I'm also hazarding a guess the rear is of the same age and most likely in the same condition. Get rid of it too.

    Half decent second hand tyres with some life left in them are going to be better than completely rock hard ones. Check the wreckers and check this....


    Good luck. Chef.
  9. Thanks for your help

    Thanks for your words of advice

    I will buy a new front tyre asap!!!

    rear one is ok but I will get it checked anyway

  10. hey the monash has some really smooth bits... the repaved parts :LOL: their the ones i mainly use. I live right near the monash entry and exit.