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(technical) problem with the forum

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. I just recieved a notification email saying I had a new PM. On opening my inbox I was suitably disappointed :( :( :(

    I worked out it should have been pointing to one of the topics that I had on 'watch'.

  2. The topic may have been deleted
  3. I think I know what it was! :D

    It was for a PM that mysteriously disappeared (the sender contacted me by email after seeing the above post)

    its the netrider-disappearing-post-demon :)
  4. it could be the notorious headless netrider!
  5. It could be the PM I sent via Netrider Private message system in regard to finding a retailer for a item Androo showed some interest in. The jist of the message was a hint to ring the wholesaler for a list of places that do stock the item of interest. I have been extremely cynical in the past, so before I say anymore would netrider like to let me know what was so wrong with the content of that PM. To the best of my knowledge it contained nothing that could be against Netrider rules and regulations.
    And why was I not given notification of the failure of my message to meet netrider standards or its failure to be delievered.
  6. We do not and can not read PM's.
  7. Or the notorious netless headrider :shock:
  8. Oh but imagine if we could.......;)

    the fun..........the joy..........the evil editing we could do :LOL:
  9. If that were the case Flip?....where would you find the time to do all the other IMPORTANT 8) things mmmmm......?
  10. You mean there is more to life than Netrider??? :shock:
  11. It's life, Flip, but not as we know it.....
  12. and tomorrow is a new day.......
  13. I could make a list of all the other things you do....for luv....????? :D
    But i havn't got all night
  14. All that is going to change on the 21st march tho :D
  15. That's the day the last item goes into the glory box, eh?
  16. I dont know how you are going to handle actually doing a paid job!!
  17. Nope, thats the day i start getting paid a salary :LOL:
    What happens after I put the last item in the glory box? :?
  18. Your allowed to loose your virginity??
  19. 8-[ Virgin...where's the virgin???? 8-[
    I think glory boxes are a bit out dated..dont you think Tony?
    I dont think Flip had clue what you were on about :LOL:
  20. You know that big box as you walk in the front door Paula....that's a glory box but it has a wedding dress and baby clothes in it. :p