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Technical Partners in Kensington [VIC]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by azure, May 19, 2011.

  1. Hello all knowledgeable ones!

    Has anyone used Technical Partners located in Kensington for suspension or ohlins service? Wondering how good they are, or whether it's better to make the trek to Promecha or Phil tainton.


  2. Hi Azure!

    Steve Mudford at Technical Partners has pretty solid road and race suspension credentials for bikes and cars. He was the technician for the Ohlins Australia distributor before moving onto be suspension specialist for V8 Supercars and now with his own business. He's worked with racers like Jamie Stauffer during his winning 06 & 07 ASBK championships, and is currently supporting a number of Aust championship riders across different categories.

    Here is a link to an interview he gave on radio about suspension only a few days ago http://www.riderageradio.com/170511SteveMudford.mp3

    No one in the country will know more about Ohlins than Steve, but he also plenty of years experience and knowledge about suspension to be able to get the most of any other system.

    My opinion isn't exactly impartial (... he's my boyfriend) but factual! :)

  3. Thanks Cin,

    That's really good info ... I will pop over to see Steve when my Ohlins come up to service time. Cheers!

  4. Hey Cin, can you (or anyone else) confirm if Steve does road bike setups and suspension servicing or just racing? Can't really find any info. I'm 5 mins away and it would be really handy not having to go to promecha. Thanks
  5. Hi gsxrJames,
    Steve does road bike setups and servicing. Call him on 0414 421 366. He's worked with all makes of bikes including GSXRs and different types of suspension.
  6. Steve did the suspension rebuild on my street triple R, ohlins ttx rear and ohlins internals for the front forks - all sprung, valved and set up for me, am very impressed with the job he did - the bike is handling like a dream. Highly recommend him.
  7. sweet thanks