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Technical Books

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by voyager, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Anyone know of a good line of technical books for motorbikes ? I'm thinking along the lines of the equivalent of the Gregory's guides/manuals for cars.

    Specifically looking for one for a 1992 XV250, but I'm sure this applies to a lot of people.

  2. Contact the Technical Bookshop in Russell St, they can tell you what's available.
  3. There is a motorcycel bookshop in Dandenong that often advertises in Bike-Trader or similar (usually near the end). I forget what it is called - CycleTimes, motorcycletimes... Found a manual there for a rd350 which I expected to be difficult to find...
  4. Umm there is also a motor manuals place in Dandenong that sells motorcycle manuals. Across the road from HJ's.

    They only sell manuals so they have a fair bit of stock. Only thing is the lady said its pretty hard to get anything for 250's. So she doesnt have much in the way of books for 250's.

    I got the haynes book for the cbr400rr, which supposedly is extremly similar to the 250.
  5. Hey Marshy any chance she'd have one for a CB 250?
  6. Wheels of Time...
    Bought the manual for my SV there.. Great range and prices arn't that bad.
  7. Big question , price . R they as much as the car manuals?
  8. I think mine was $36.
    So yeah, about the same as the car ones.
  9. Thank-you! I knew it was something like that. It was going to keep bothering me all day had someone not mentioned it...
  10. Wheels of Time. Yeah thats the one! Across the road from Hungry Jacks in Dande.

    Dunno Bondy... she didnt have any for the cbr250rr. She said she had hardly anything in regards to 250's like I said. You could give her a buzz.

    And people.. her husband rides as well. So you can always have a nice chat to the lady, she is quite nice. (although her husband had a fall and bit of a long story there :( )
  11. Bugger I was at Jack's in Dande last night!
  12. I'll try the places mentioned - thanks.

    BTW - for anyone who cares - there is a manual for Yamaha XVs you can get at Amazon. FORGET IT if you have the 250 - it only covers the 535 up.