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TECA Concept Enclosed Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dan, Jan 31, 2006.

  2. Do you stick you feet out through those rather ugly slots in the sides?

    Anyway, it'd be a squid's dream come true; no more nagging about protective gear......
  3. Visibility looks terrible as well... Not to mention no more wind on your body.

    Enclosed riding wouldn't be for me.
  4. looks lie an M&M with wheels..... the holes are too far back for your feet...... how does it stay up when still?
  5. They had a similar unit on a Top Gear episode. You don't have to put your feet down when you stop, works on some form of self leveling system. Looked like a fun little unit to play with.....but iirc they were $$$$$
  6. A self-levelling system would be invaluable on the forum.......
  7. It'd keep the rain off in winter I guess but how hot would that thing get in summer - you'd probably need to fit the bike with air-con.
  8. I thought we got into bikes to get away from cages?

    Interesting idea though.
  9. They look like a hoard of angry mutants, don't they? Talk about having 'a hinge in the middle of the frame' :LOL:
  10. What they need to get the TECA to do is leave a glowing wall behind it and turn in right angles instantly :p
  11. Thats just wierd :shock:
  12. Can you lane split on it?

  13. I wonder how much it costs to repair those fairings after a stack.....