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Teasing one-another about Grammatical Errors.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VBman, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. It was sick!

  2. I love riding around at night time... haven't really been speeding though mainly only been around town. Kinda hard to try and spot speed traps at night too so be careful
  3. Just sick? Hmm. Maybe hit 200 next time so it's fully sick.
  4. So now any Coppers reading this forum know to keep an eye out for a 250 Ninja in Nowra =P Good work!
  5. whats its 0-100km time with the sprocket kit? mid 3's?

    how many hp do you think it added?

  6. He vomited from a night ride? :shock:
  7. I believe wogs are prone to the 'sick' thing when they do something they think is cool. Man i'd hate to smell inside a VL commodore....
  8. 150 on your first night ride

    you should be hitting 300 BY your 3rd ride, you better use some good tape so your L plate doesnt fly off AT THAT SPEED, DONT get busted for not having your PLATE ATTACHED, but at that speed the cops shouldnt catch you, try it with lights off next time, even more sick
  9. And the added bonus of not being able to see the sick!
  10. :LOL:
  11. Re: Went for my first night ride

  12. Re: Went for my first night ride

    Only 150? That's pathetic, I did 370kmh on my first time on a bike ever, AND it was at night without headlights :roll:
  13. Re: Went for my first night ride

    What, are you chicken shyte or something? I did 420km/h on my first ride and it was a unicycle.
  14. you're a nutjob.
    sprockets wont change the hp.
    he needs a tyga body kit like on the cbr250rrr-rarrrrgggghhs to squeeze any extra hp out.
    but at least with the new sprockets he doesnt have to put on his left glove first...
  16. Re: Went for my first night ride

    I wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, so I let off the throttle. I wish I was as "sick" as you, to do that on a unicycle is as "sick" as you can get.

  17. Rim stickers and under-seat fluro lights do more IMO.
  18. the 2009 tyga kit includes all these, plus 6 left gloves, and 5kg of weights for your inside peg :grin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.