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Tears & tantrums at Mt.Blackwood

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by maplegum, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. There were tears, seriously!

    We began by getting the bikes ready and of course, my little horses have to be part of everything!



    So Ivan and I head out for a local ride through Greendale, Korobeit then Mt.Blackwood when I got home from work tonight.

    A short stop in Greendale..


    Then onto Korobeit, then Mt Blackwood. I tell Ivan that I'd like to get some photos along the way and he suggested we get to the top of the mountain. Sure I say, no problems...been there in the car before, I know the road.

    Sooo, Ivan heads off infront of me and the road we turn onto is gravel. That's fine, I can do gravel. The road begins to get a bit rough where it had been washed out from all of the rain. It was fine, just took it real slow. Then the road changes. Huge friggen craters and gullies appear, big enough to swallow my bike!:eek: The gravel is chunky and all torn up

    I can feel my bike fighting against the road surface. You how they tell you not to look at the potholes when riding as you will end up in them? Well, I couldn't keep my eyes off the gullies and craters and of course, that's where I ended up!

    By this point, Ivan has gone a bit ahead of me and I am starting to panic. The hill gets steeper and steeper and more rocky. I am in 1st gear and riding slowly. I was heading right for a huge hole so I stopped my bike, on the gravel, on the huge hill. My heart was pounding, I was sweating and almost in tears. I was cursing Ivan for taking me on this road from hell.

    I take off again after stalling twice and got a little further up the hill and the same thing happened again. I am so mad at this point, bloody husband! Then I see Ivan off his bike at the top of the mountain which seemed so far away, waving at me to get a move on!!! WTF! I'm a mess dear husband.

    I finally make it to the top and I am in a very bad mood!! The next part of the conversation went something like this..(keep in mind that I hardly ever use bad language!):furious:

    Ivan "you made it"

    * I rip my helmet off and throw my gloves and jacket in rage*[/I]

    Me " are you out of your friggen mind? I'm a learner!! How dare you drag me up such shitty roads on my bike, it's not made for that...and...my bike couldnt handle it"

    Ivan " yes it could, you're here, on top of the mountain. You didn't drop the bike, you kept it going"

    Me " I'm not ready for that kind of bloody riding Ivan, it shook me up badly. Look at me, I'm a mess"

    Ivan " You have to learn to ride on all road surfaces, you need to be prepared for stuff like this"

    Me "why didn't you stop when you noticed me having trouble? I couldn't do it"

    Ivan " stop your sulking and take a look around you, it's beautiful up here and worth the effort hey!"

    Me " now look at me, I'm crying!!"

    I storm off crying like a baby, trying to calm down. Ivan takes a photo to capture the moment. Smart ass.


    Anyway, I'm still shitty but I did take the time to take in the views.




    Now we head back down the hill which was so much easier. I get Ivan to take a photo of the stupid hill which looks so tame but it is much bigger and scarier than the photo shows. Really, it is.


    So I'm home safe and sound. I'm still quietly shitty, but kind of proud that I did make it up the mountain. Bit-o-tough-love from Ivan paid off, but don't tell him that!
  2. Hi maplegum, Good to hear you are getting more adventurous. You live in a great area the Blackwood Tretham run is one I make fairly frequently. Over towards Steiglitz as well.

    On point wearing my moderator hat the T&Cs say 5 pics/post in general except in the Road Tours and Diary section. It is just to keep page load times Ok for people on slower links.

    Hope to catch you out around your neck of the woods one day. :)
  3. Fun isnt it, I did something similar - unintentionally - with a bunch of mates. We encountered a nice bit of road, which turned to gravel road, then mud.

    It was absurd having the back wheel just wander off sideways on its own, and the front wheel sliding straight on. The trick is to "go with the flow". Unfortunately you did the worst thing. Panic and tense up.
  4. OK, I don't think you guys really understand how huge and rocky and terrifying that stupid road was. The pic shows such a short, smooth section of it. Kind of pointless photo actually, why did I post it??? Cause now you'll think I'm a big baby. It was just like a roller coaster, seriously it was, but much much worse!

    Sorry mod, can the post be moved into another area that allows more pics? So hard to tell my story of terror in 5 photos.
  5. Ok seeing as though it was such a amusing and poignant tale of terror :) I have moved it to Road Touring and Riding Diaries.

  6. ok which glove did you throw 1st?
  7. Is that an 'in' joke?
  8. You made it without any real issues. You've already been through the tough love treatment, so call this one experience.

    Might be a good idea to do it again a time or two. In my books, an hour on dirt/gravel is worth several on the bitumen.
  9. Now go and do it again. Seriously. Same speed if you want. Do this and you will never be scared of a dirt road again. :grin:

    That would be worth it, wouldn't it?

    (Dammit, Lilley beat me to it!)
  10. I guess just being married to Ivan could be considered 'tough love'.

    He wanted to turn around and do it again right away, I drove off in the other direction! LOL
  11. Yes, I've been in the 'placating the wife while she tears off her helmet and gloves, then kicks the helmet and cries' position.
  12. Take advantage of it and make him do more chores and dinner etc lol
  13. What is it with those Ivans being Terrible?