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Tear off's- what's your take on them?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. I am in the market for a new visor for my helmet, upon searching ebay I have noticed some of the visors have "tear off posts".

    I gather they are for some sort of film that you tear off and turf as the shield becomes dirty. I am interested in knowing how these stack up, along with, if the posts inhibit your field of vision in any way.
    Anyone with experience with tear offs, please let me know your thoughts.
    And lastly, where are these tear offs sold, I can't seem to find any in ebay, so I'm wondering what they cost on average.
  2. My understanding is that tear offs are useful for racing (particularly on the dirt) when you can't stop to clean your goggles/visor when they're covered in crud. Just grab the tab on the side of the tear off, tear off and discard with no loss of time.

    Haven't seen 'em used on the road. Seems rather a wasteful way to achieve what a couple of minutes in the roadhouse washroom with soap and water can do.

    I rode for a while with a pair of motocross goggles that had the posts. They were quite small plastic spikes and didn't impair vision noticeably.

    As far as I know, users cut their own tear offs from suitable clear plastic sheet.

    I wouldn't bother for road riding.
  3. Even racing supermoto through mud, stuck in the middle of a pack of bikes I havent needed tearoffs yet. Slicks dont chuck up roost like knobbies do. I really cant imagine them being that useful on anything but a proper dirt bike while following people. A few bugs or some muddy water thrown up by a truck isnt life and death. Perhaps endurance racing?
  4. I have heard of a couple of people using them for rd use Caz.
    Only thing really is the bugs that impair the vision, and you can always sto at a servo to clean them off..

    But i still think they do there job if thats what you choose, and they are a very thin clear film so no they dont cause any vision problems.. :grin:
  5. Not to be confused with Pinlock??
    I think that system is to prevent fogging??
  6. Correct.

    Pinlock go on the inside of the visor to prevent fogging.

    Tear offs are a handy way to keep your visor clean if you are doing long touring and your stops are few and far between.
  7. I have an AGV Ti Tech that has the tear off posts on the visor. You do not see the posts while riding. Any shop that sells the AGV Ti Tech should have the tear offs in stock. I have never used mine. If they were cheap enough it would be a good way to protect the visor as you could keep cleaning it and when it got to scratched just tear off a sheet and it would be good as new again.
  8. i used them for a few different reasons

    1) tinted visors in the uk were illegal so i had dark tint tearoffs just in case mister plod decided to pull me up it could be removed and hidden very quickly. (this happened twice and the look of confusion on the plods face was priceless when he didnt find a dark visor on the helmet)

    2) they protect your visor from scratches and minor damage.

    3) they made you feel a bit of a rossi (i know, bit of a tosser in my younger days but i DID get over myself :LOL: )


    dont ride in the rain, when dry they are excellent but in the wet water gets between them and the visor and it looks like you are riding in a swimming pool
  9. At the risk of sounding like a Greenie, I hope anyone using tear-off's on the street is disposing of them properly. :)
  10. My AGV has them. I tried them once but the gloves were too thick to allow me to tear one off at a time. The whole lot would come off...

    Never bothered with them since.

    Easier to carry a bottle of lens cleaner and some tissues or a soft cloth. Or do as others have suggested, clean the visor at the servo.