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Teammoto Used Bike Quality?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Rookie, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am in Melbourne and planning to upgrade my 250 to a bigger bike (600 sports, 675 preferably) and currently browsing on internet try to find a good deal. After I reviewed and compared used bike dealers, i found Teammoto in Queensland seems like a good place to have a look.

    Question 1: I called them today ask about product in stock, delivery stuff and felt very happy about their attitude. One thing i don't quite understand is that they say the warranty they offer on the used bike does not need to be done in their place, which means if something goes wrong, the bike can be fixed as any dealership within Australia, just send them the receipt and they will cover the expense.

    Question 2: I tried to find some reviews about the quality of the used bikes they sold and their reputation, in Netrider and other places. If any mate here has dealt with them before or heard stories about them (good or bad), I am very pleased to know.

    I am sure no one wants to buy a used bike from another state and find out it's not what it should be. Any other place i should have look will be also helpful.

    So, any comments will be welcomed and i am really appreciate your help. Hope you all have a nice day!!


  2. Hubby bought his Triumph from there over 5 years ago. Good service, no problem with the bike, would buy from them again if need be.
  3. if you're financing just be careful about the age of your 2nd hand bike that you buy from them...they get their finance from Yamaha and they are really strict on not financing bikes that are 5 years or older

    if you're not financing, fantastic service, they let Learner's test ride, willing to share info and get anything you want even if its a brand / item they don't normally stock (bike / accessories / gear), basically they make a real effort to be your one stop shop.

    be aware that buying interstate includes transport fee + interstate rego fee + you can't back out unless there is something fundamentally wrong / different about the bike which they didn't tell you.
  4. Hi Rookie.. whilst I did not purchase a bike from them I found TeamMoto in Blacktown very courteous and helpful. Regards
  5. I am not gonna financing, so seems like it is a good place. I think i have to talk a deal with them carefully to get a good price. Thanks for the reply
  6. Cant be sure if the bike i am gonna buy will be from Blacktown, but i assume the service of different stores of them should be at the same level..
  7. There a large company owned by a decent bloke. Well two. not sure anymore.
    Anyway they are a big company and a bike shop. You have more coverage and that is the bonus. As in your warrenty and thier having shops all the way up the coast. And they have most marques.
    Think how good a ride up the coast in summer will be and know you are covered all the way up the coast.
    The team at Maroochydore are top shelf and know their stuff and will go hard to get your buisness. Ask for jamie Bayliss. A close mate and top bloke.
    There's a plug for ya you bastard. I better get a good deal ha ha
  8. Got my VFR from them not too long ago.

    While having a browse over their range, most of the bikes seemed to be in pretty good nick, the one I was after wasn't quite up to the same standard.

    I test rode the bike to find the steering was off by about a degree, and both handgrips were completely loose and spinning.. which is quite dangerous for the throttle grip to spin.
    After having a close look I found a few inconspicuous scratches which showed the bike was dropped stationary - the cause for the slightly twisted steering.
    So after a bit of a discussion with them I got a few hundred dollars off for the drop, and got them to straighten the steering and re-glue the grips properly before I picked it up a few days later. Extremely happy with the result.

    Their staff are extremely freindly.. to the point where it makes you want to go back even after you have the bike :p

    I'd definitely be happy to buy from them again, but not before a test ride.

    With regards to their warranty, it was an extra cost depending on how long you want it for (and a hell of a cost I might add). Depending how much you trust them, or how much you need the reliability it could easily be worth it..
    They said any reputable dealer could do the repairs and they cover the cost, but to check with them first just to make sure they know who the place is.
    I'm guessing the reason they can get away with such a warranty is the upfront cost to start it..

  9. One thing i cant do is test ride. But thanks for your reply, it's really helpful.
  10. Do you have a friend up here who could do the test ride for you?

    Assuming you already know which bike you want and are comfortable with the shape and feel of it, all you need is someone you trust to check that it still works ok.
  11. can`t sat about other branches but the one in Cairns rocks very helpful and friendly
  12. can`t sat about other branches but the one in Cairns rocks very helpful and friendly
  13. No friends there can ride a bike..... Anyway, i will work it out, thanks
  14. Anyone knows how much does it cost to deliver from Queensland to Melbourne?
  15. I shipped my first bike from Melbourne to Warwick - country town in SE QLD for $350 via 1300 BIKE MOVE, most others quoted about double

    But I'd recommend just calling around or doing online estimates with some of the major companies
  16. Cost me $550 with bikes only from Noosa to Albert Park. They picked it up on a tuesday uphere and shipped it from bris on a thurs. I had it on Monday in Melbourne and all was good. There trucks are propper bike transporters and the bikes sit in rails with rim locks and tie downs. So less chance of an accident. That was about three years ago too so they could be more now. I know team motto shift bikes around Bris and the sunshine coast for nothing for their punters. Just tell you want a bottom line price here and ready to go. Getting it there can be their worry.
    And put sight inspected and subject to you getting the finance personally through your own bank. You don't have to use your bank. It's just an easy out of the contract for you. If they want a deposit before they run it down. Which they will. They will make you put a deposit and draw up a contract on the bike.
  17. But the thing is i don't think i will be able to go there for an inspection. i am not gonna use finance,either. a little risky to buy interstate bike but they really have a lot of good deals compared with Melbourne.

    About the deposit thing, i don't know about it too much. But i guess if they have good reputation and deliver whatever they promise me. It's negotiable. Any other recommendations or other places i should look at? $550 is really a lot.....](*,)