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TeamMoto Springwood - Time to vent

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rhys84au, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so to summarise iam fairly new to this site and riding overall. In fact iam still learning to ride and iam about to book in my qride course.

    So heres the jist of my first ever motorcycle purchase.

    Talk to team moto, they are very helpful in the "we can finance you" area and the sales reps push me towards hyosung (hey i would do the same, its their major stock of new bikes for lams so this didnt bother me) int he end i picked a 2010 (07/09)suzuki gs500f great looking/riding bike for me very happy with the bike and the condition its in.

    so 23rd of december rolls around and its time to sign the paperwork/deposit/pickup the bike. all done everything is sweet.

    then the crap begins...

    first off i get my insurance policy.. keep in mind i explicitly remember mentioning the fact i had only had my drivers licence less than 2 years.

    this was wrong, parking location was wrong (ie; the garage/carport/driveway options) licence type was wrong.

    few days later with back and forths with admittedly the lovely person organising this and she gets new policy done ect

    new policy arrives.

    all the right rider/location information... wrong bike... xvs650 classic on the policy.

    a day later and thats sorted out.. and now touch wood everything is fine.. i gave the insurance company a call and asked them to verify everything and it seems all good (ill wait for the paperwork to arrive)

    today... get my rego sticker/ctp paperwork in the mail. ctp is fine (i just triple checked it) the damn rego however is down as a 2004 model bike...

    i just punched through an email/webform contact to team moto expressing how i feel about this (no swearing ect.. wont get me anywhere) from the insurance stuffups i have a discount on my insurance but this is yet another kick in the teeth.. particularly when its my first bike AND my first major purchase in the motor vehicle area in general (iam 28 in a few days)

    i got out on the bike for a few hours once so far.. when i believed everything was sorted out. but with all this BS i simply cant get the thing out and its sitting in my carport as an ornament.

    sorry guys needed to vent, and suffice to say (and i mentioned this in my team moto email) i highly doubt i will be purchasing another bike from them after this. the service when picking bike/accesories/finance was great but this has been a nightmare afterwards with insurance and rego...

    iam hoping i can call qld trans and have them change the bike over the phone? i dunno... if i have to take it in to them its going to be a MASSIVE pain in the ass.

    oh not to mention the bike came with a safety... with a cutoff fender that prolly shouldnt have passed roadworthy seeing as its not the 45 degree and doesnt have a reflector. (hey i like the look but didnt realise it was a roadworthy issue) so iam looking at fitting a stock fender possibly.
  2. Hmm, I hear lots of hate stories from that side of town. I have been a customer of team moto virginia for years and have never had a problem. Maybe springwood store needs a cleanout?
  3. yeh i went with team moto because my best mate has had nothing but a great experience with them at virginia.
  4. I bought the CB at Springwood Team Moto and had no dramas.

    Pretty straight forward, my only gripe was that out of the blue they dropped on me that the finance wouldn't let me take the bike without proof of full comp insurance. The only way to do that and get the bike was to go through their provider. They seemed confused when I told them my dubious 23yr old self had financed a brand new 2010 Holden SSV Redline edition V8 and there was no insurance stipulation for that. That was a silly exercise in throwing away LOTs of money but that's a lesson learned.

    I'm happy with the price and level of cover I ended up with, but I would have preferred to do my own research etc first and been prepared. But in aid of getting the bike sooner I gambled and won. So yay. But it still pissed me off a little.

    The sales guy was nice and didn't bs me. The finance guy was a bit dopey and I spent a fair while in his office twiddling my thumbs but supposedly was new.
  5. Sounds like you got a noobie sales rep. Nah just sounds plain stupid.
    I call that strip wild dog alley. I Hated working down there.
    I would be going down and demanding they rectify there stuff up. Springwood is Team Moto's head office. All the big wigs hang in their offices above the sales floor of Honda. Go in and start demanding to know why their sales staff cant fill out a simple contract sheet.
    In saying this though the RTA are useless as well.
  6. That's unfortunate man. I haven't had a bad experience with any of the Team Moto stores (Springwood included). Bought the majority of my gear + bike from Moorooka with not a worry at all. Got my preferences of staff to deal with, but they are really on the ball and have consistently gone out of their way to help even after business has been done. They did put the wrong insurer on the temporary rego though; that's about it.
    In saying that, a friend did strongly advise against going through Team Moto, especially Springwood, as they bought their first bike there and had constant dramas.

    Did they give you a reason for that? As in you had to have comprehensive, or just some sort of insurance? Something to do with if you're financing? Sorry, I'm a total noob to this stuff, figured perhaps I didn't have that same stipulation because I paid for my bike in full.
  7. Yeah, full comp and it it was specifically for the financier. Makes sense, as they have the bike as security on the loan. I suppose they just want to protect their investment. I don't blame them and it could have been any insurance company I wanted but I just woulda liked some notice so as to do some research.

    That said - you should avoid the hassle and costs of loans as much as possible!!!
  8. was just int here an hr ago, spoke to a guy in there (as the girl that did all my other stuff has quit/holidays/something) and seems like everything will be sorted out. obviously they cant change the rego stuff until monday but the email i sent through ect has all been passed along.

    hopefully this is the end of the bad luck.

    i do understand the rego part could have gone wrong at either teammoto or qld transports end but ergh has been such a hassle.
  9. I feel your pain, I bought my bike new from Team Moto Bowen Hills. I will never buy another bike from Team Moto again, they will never see the bike again for servicing and I will never spend a cent on accessories in their shop.

    I had problems with them from the moment they had my money for the deposit.
  10. geez how did we slag business' off before the internet??

    ohhh that's right, we didn't. we went and sorted it all out face to face
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  11. I bought my Kawasaki ZX14 from the Pro Kawasaki place almost across the road. Same deal. Not perfect. I don't think perfect exists. Over-all I think they could have done a better job, but that's life.

    This is the second time in my life I've bought a brand new bike. The first was in 1980. Suffice to say, the boys at Phil Drummond Motorcycles (no longer there) in Kempsey, messed me around a whole lot worse.

    Simple human error does happen ...

    The trick - to me - is to sort out the difference between simple isolated human error - which is human - and deep seated, ingrained, systematic exploitation of the punters and spenders. Bikes or cars, a big part of the automotive industry looks on us as road-kill - as vermin with money. We feed them and they hate us. Spot the ones who do and walk away from them.
  12. I've bought pretty much all of my gear from team moto springwood, ryan was the salesman and very happy with the service i received and even off the ticketed prices i got quite a huge discount. The blonde girl there is very friendly also :)

    Also dont understand why you couldnt get insurance on your own? I had a similar problem when i bought my work ute, they wouldnt release it till i had insurance. It was a pain in the arse to get the dealership to send me the vin/rego numbers to me so i could arrange my own insurance. Then they kept on f%#k me around releasing the car because i didnt use their penguin of a finance broker and apparently it made things more complicated in releasing the car. In the end my finance broker rang them and told em stop F#¤king around his clients and i had the car within the hour ready :D

    EDIT: i think it had something to do with the fact that the finance company wouldnt release any funds till they had the vin/rego etc so insurance could be organised yet mazda wouldnt register it till funds had gone thru. My broker said that this was the first time he had encountered this. At this stage the mazda dealership already knew the finance had been approved, copies had been sent to them etc.

  13. Iam sorry, but maybe you missed the part where i said i had been in there?

    actually i have been in there 5 or 6 times for the 3 problems and i have made a bunch of calls as well.

  14. blonde girl in accesories? kylie i believe, lovely girl.

    hopefully after my last VISIT (pointed out for the sake of the guy implying i didnt man up and go in) everything is now sorted and i should be right.

    i understand human error does occur, but this was just so much for 1 thing.

    edit; also as for the insurance thing, if you read through your contract ect its stated that the reason you get the insurance before they allow you to have the bike/car ect is because they want to make sure their asset is protected.
    i wasnt pressured into any single insurance mob.. it was my choice. the point is you simply need to get the cover to show the financier that in the event of you destroying the bike/stolen ect that it is def insured and their asset is covered.
  15. Yeah, I realise that and completely understand their reasons.
  16. not directed solely at you peanut.
    but I'm happy it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside that some stranger in the interwebz is talking about you
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  17. I have purchased bikes from 2 different Team Moto stores and had the unfortunate dis-pleasure of having things go wrong with both. However some commonalities existed with both bikes. Firstly they were both quite clearly unroadworthy, bald tyres, home-made fender eliminators, cracks in headlight, faulty suspension, etc....

    I bought the bikes because they were at the right price and whilst I wasnt aware off all the issues on purchase I could fix some of these issues myself. I didn't know the suspension had shat itself until a 3 days later when i took it for a proper ride. Both bikes had illegally bald tyres.

    The real issue here is that in QLD and most other states there is no requirement for a statutory warranty and people can sell absolute garbage bikes and literally wash their hands of the bikes and responsibility once they and their new owners are out the door.

    However in the interest of providing balance, I have found Ari and Jason at Team Moto Yamaha on the GC to be two exceptional service orientated people and I buy my accessories almost exclusively off them.