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QLD Team Tiger Race Reports

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by simidau, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I'll start this thread and keep it up to date with this years race reports.

    First up is the 2014 Island Classic, a massive undertaking and we had a great time.

    Thanks for reading, feel free to subscribe to this thread so you know when we post a new report.

    Thanks Simon
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  3. Interesting to see that your running MC22s, I've got one which I'm about to build into a race/track bike soon.

    Can you share some info on what these bikes require to get up to scratch?

  4. Hey Marty,

    Very little is required to get them competitive.
    Our bike prep page details everything we do.


    Before you start you will want the basics done:
    General race prep - race glass, lockwire, engine case covers etc
    Fresh tyres
    Fresh brake pads

    Then start on the other bits as you find the limitations
    Fork springs
    Rear sets

  5. Thanks for the info Simon! I've had a read through the page and that's exactly what I was looking for. It's my gf's 250, it got written off on the road so we are looking at converting it to a race bike. She used it a fair bit at the track and I've ridden it a few times on the track and loved it! I'd be keen to do a few race meets on it. My 600 is expensive to maintain so I can't use it every weekend, it would be great to have something else to ride
  6. It's a great class - there were 16 Honda CBR250RR entered at the race meet this weekend just passed. Great racing for a limited budget.
  7. Awesome, I gotta see if there's a class for it in PCRA in NSW
  8. PCRA run period 6 250 Production which they are eligible for, I believe there are a few CBR250RR's being run already in the class. We would love to get down and see how we go go against the locals some time.
  9. It's sounding better and better. I gotta hurry up and build the bike!
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  11. I just watched the video, looked great.

    Is Morgan Park the new circuit that just opened? It looks like a fun track
  12. Morgan Park has been around for a long time, the last circuit extension was done about 4 years ago now.
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  17. The report from the Aussie titles is ready!
    This one is done a little differently as I was the only Team Tiger rider again, there was a different team - Tony Carroll, Mojo Webb and Jeff Duke and I were all setup together. So I have done the report including them.

    Some of the best onboard footage yet! Some excellent photos, and some very exciting on track action!


    Hope you Enjoy!

  18. Team Tiger report from the 2015 Island Classic is now ready for your viewing pleasure.

    It's got the usual words, pictures, statistics and the videos from the previous post.


    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

    I never linked this forum in on my final report from 2014 - hit the race report archives and get the season recap! It's full of surprises.

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  20. Race Report from round 2 of the Pirelli Southern Downs Road Race series.

    The photos are superb, and some of the best onboard camera footage yet.


    Also a couple of special videos worth a link to -
    This on is a race with footage from my bike mojo's bike, he has done a great job of editing it all together and getting a commentary team to put some quite amusing commentary over the top.

    The second one is a video made by budding filmmaker and is quite well put together.

    Hope you enjoy.

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