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Team Roberts head for Brno to race

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. from crash.net
    The continuing saga of team Roberts.

    Team Roberts are en route to Brno and hope to race in this weekend's Czech Republic Grand Prix - despite having been informed, just over a week ago, that engine supplier KTM that they would not be supporting the team for the remainder of the season.

    The news was obviously a massive blow both to the team and their rider, former British Superbike Champion Shane Byrne, but the Oxfordshire based outfit are now concentrating on having a bike and rider on this Sunday's grid.

    The engine powering their Proton KR chassis is almost certain to be the Roberts built V5 unit that Kurtis Roberts and Nobuatsu Aoki campaigned last year and Jeremy McWilliams helped develop during 2003 - and it is the 41-year-old Ulsterman who is now on standby for a surprise return to MotoGP.

    "The truck is en route to Brno and we are working very hard to ensure we race there," stated managing director Chuck Aksland. "The V5 is available and we are endeavouring to put a plan into action, but we still have people to speak to. I did speak to Jeremy McWilliams but we can't make a decision about the rider just yet."

    "I have spoken to Team Roberts but nothing has yet been decided," confirmed Jeremy, who has just recovered from a shoulder injury sustained in a tough season in BSB. "I will not be riding in the Bennetts Superbike round at Cadwell on Monday and so I'd love to ride at Brno if I get the chance..."

    The reason McWilliams might ride - and not Byrne - is because Shakey is actually contracted to KTM and so is expected to be unable to ride a non-KTM powered machine. Meanwhile, question marks remain over whether Team KR will be able to use Michelin tyres, since those were also paid for by KTM.

    "I'm going to Brno just to check on everything and have a look at exploring some new options," said Byrne.

    Opening practice for the Czech Republic Grand Prix takes place on Friday morning.
  2. Latest is that Team Roberts are still battling to get a rider and some tyres (and to clean the dust of their old V5, no doubt).

    The future of Shakey Byrne is now looking promising though.
    Fortuna Yamaha are preparing to axe Ruben Xaus and want to replace him with an Italian rider. Roberto Rolfo is rumoured to top their list, which would leave a space on a Ducati, which might just be filled by Shakey if he can sort out his contract with KTM.
    Also, Suzuki have admitted that Shakey is on their list of riders to consider as a possible replacement for KR, if (when) they axe him from the team, which also depends on what Hoppers decides to do (silly seasons are ace, almost as much fun as the racing :D ).

    Regardless of who he rides for, one thing is for sure and that is that Dorna want him to remain in GP's.

    As for Jezza, he's still battling with an arm injury that he suffered at the start of the BSB season, so it is unlikely that he will be able to bail out Team Roberts.
  3. Oh, as an aside. Hodgson (who?) has signed a one year deal to stay in the US.

    Not that anybody really cares...
  4. The only people that DO care is the Pommie press and what do they matter??
  5. Practice times for the Goondoowindi Mini-Bike Grand Prix are coming through as we speak......
  6. They're flogging a dead horse.

    Hodgson is fast, yes but he's too dull *yawn* and will never be FAST, he just hasn't got that edge.

    Didn't he win something once...
    Like I said, who cares?