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Team Netrider girls 1st! - Es, Mar & Caz

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Johnny O, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Hi Guy's,

    The company that runs the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo are running a 24 hour scooter endurance run on September 12/13, with Guinness Book Of Records representatives in attendance. It is being run on the South Morang go-cart track 'Grand Prix Traning Centre' just north of Epping.

    They are running three classes: stock restricted 50cc, de-restricted 50cc and fully modified 50cc. TGB Scooters are entering one bike in each class and was looking for an all female crew for the restricted 50cc class; I asked, if Netrider can come up with three experienced female riders, could they enter as Team Netrider, they said yes.

    TGB will supply the scooter, fuel and pay the entry fee ($500).... so what do you reckon? We could all go down to support Team Netrider?

    Any ladies that are interested, you must have a motorcycle licence, please register your name here; if we get more than three, we will have to organize a panel to choose the three.


  2. omg im so dumb. i thought it was a scoccer team and i couldnt figure out why they would need scooters for a soccer game. *smack forehead*
    id go for it if i can get time off work, unless its on the weekend? im on restrictions is that ok?
  3. As long as you have a licence, restricted is ok I think; you're on a 50cc!!!. Sept 12/13 is a Tue & Wed.... bummer, maybe those that have to work can do the night ride? It starts 12 noon on the 12th and finishes at 12 noon on the 13th.
  4. Its going to take a while to cover any sort of serious distance on a 50cc ......... or are they just going to ride around in circles :)
    More details & I may, just may be interested :wink:
  5. You just keep riding around their outdoor go-cart track, last year the winner did about 950 k's (on a highly modified scooter) in the 24 hours. I think the stock class did about 850 k's.
  6. Go on BB, do it! Do it!..... :LOL: It'll be great :p
  7. That's a pretty monotonous ride :( wheres the sharp lefts, bit of unexpected loose gravel, long right handers, wildlife suddenly appearing, big open straights ........ oh, sorry, that was todays ride :p will have to ponder whether I've got the perservance :wink:
  8. Certainly sounds interesting, but how dizzy would you get?
  9. hmmm.... 3 people! so is that 8hr shifts????? think u would get pretty dizzy going in the same direction 4 8 hrs. yeah me could be up 4 it. do we get toilet breaks or is it like tag team?

    can we dress up????? hehehe this could be entertaining :dance:
  10. I think the rules allow for toilet & meal breaks, I think the best way would be to swap riders every tank of fuel....... hang on, those things could go for hours on one tank!!!! I would say that you'd swap riders every hour or so?
  11. Ha! This would make the three girls, "sponsored factory TGB riders" ha ha :LOL:
  12. so johnny u going to be there for the whole 24hrs, cheering the girls on... and providing refreshments, dressed in a pink tu tu? :woot:
  13. I might be there the whole time, I'll have the transit van decked out for peeps to have a sleep, but I think NOT the pink tutu..... but you are welcome to put one over your leathers :wink:
  14. doh... where's these for guys (just not on scooters :wink: )

    I'd love to do a 24 hour enduro race :grin:
  15. Aw man that sounds like awesome fun.

    Johnny, I'm not a girl but I'm the next best thing...
  16. France (LeMans), Belguim (Spa)
  17. well that's debatable :wink:

    Maybe they should have a wheelie enduro, you'd be up for that Loz :LOL:
  18. I think I may have to ride in the de-restricted class, I can see me getting carried-away and throwing the thing down the road as I get tired :oops: ouch!!! :evil:
  19. do we need to supply our own leathers? helmet? glove? etc...
  20. Would you want to wear someone elses skanky gear?!!! Yep, use your own gear; I would think you'd be more comfortable anyways?