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Team moto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Somatic, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    I have found a bike a like at a team moto dealership and was wondering if anyone had any dealings with them. Reason I'm asking is I live in Mackay and probably won't be able to go in and see the bike before I buy it. Would any of you buy a bike sight unseen?

  2. I did once, bought a beemah, r1200c from Fraser's up in NSW, I live in Sunny Melb, they organised delivery door to door.
  3. I think it would depend on the bike. If it was new or near new and I had it in writing that it was mint or excellent condition with no issues, and I knew the type of bike, I'd be willing to do it.
    Can you ask anyone to go have a look for you?
  4. All my not-online business goes to Team Moto exclusively. Because I've had awesome service from them and a number of their staff have taken plenty of time out of their day (talking hours at a time) to educate me, let me sit on bikes, test ride, hand-deliver a bike, and just chat. They've also seemed to care enough about looking after my bikes and have been good with me following up for advice and tips.
    In saying that I know some people are on the opposite end and think their service is dreadful. I had a mate get a Ninja from them which he says had far too much go wrong and he would probably tell you to stay away.

    I could see myself buying a bike unseen if I really wanted it. But ideally get someone to check the bike out for you if you can...
  5. Fly down ride it back. If you don't like it, fly back.

    Shipping bikes is stupid expensive anyway.

  6. Which teammoto are you going to?!

    To OP, They aren't bad, but they're not great, as with any dealer really. It also depends which teammoto you're looking at, and the franchise. In my experience, the Triumph teammoto is better than the others. I went to Suzuki, and Honda, both were so shit in terms of sales service. As I just eluded to, the Triumph one is pretty helpful, and I'm looking at some of their bikes now. At the end of the day, be weary, and have someone check it out for you. There's some mob I saw on the webz a lil' while ago that will check out and even test ride bikes for you. But it's not as good as seeing the original article yourself first. I would make sure I see it myself regardless of new or used.
  7. Yeah, the triumph dealer on moss street trumps (geddit?) the others around there.

    To OP, which team moto is the bike you're looking at at?
  8. have had very good dealings with the triumph guys at team moto virginia, and generally still pretty good dealings with the rest.
  9. One of my good mates got an R1 unseen, and unriden from a dealer in Cairns, no problems at all. I think the biggest thing is if the bike comes with a warrenty, just make sure there is somewhere you can take it to up there. Having to bring it back down to Brissy will not make life fun.
    My dealings with TeamMoto Triumph at Moss St have been pretty good. Across the road at Honda not so much. But they were all better than when I bought my car.
    Really just comes down to what you are expecting though. They are in the business of making money, not friends.
  10. Hey dudes, it's team moto moorooka near brisbane. And it's a Ducati monster s2r with 18,000 km on it. From what I can tell its bog standard. Original pipes and everything. New tyres too. The bloke called me today and he seemed very accommodating.
  11. Moorooka was where my heart was won over initially. :p A fine fellow named Graham was just THE shit but apparently he recently quit and moved "on" to scooters but they're all pretty good. I'm at Springwood (bear in mind... super pedantic about who serves me) more these days though as my current bike was bought there + some of them know said bike pretty well.
    Moorooka has been the most professional, least dodgy store (of any store, TeamMoto or not) I've been to IMO... Do you have an idea when you might make a decision on the Ducati? Timeframe?
  12. Well, I was going to call him tomorrow again and get some hi def pix of the bike. I'll also sed some hi def pix of my bike and he said we can work out a trade in detail from there. My decision will be based on what we can work out from there. Maybe I'll go and see the bike next weekend, or whatever.

    We also have to work out transport for both bikes. So that will influence my decision too
  13. Just be clear with then whether its a Japanese import or not. 05 was the first s2r and 06 is generally the earliest model in au.
    Nothing too wrong with the import, bar you'd expect it for a lot cheaper then an au model with log books, which most imports don't have
  14. Bought a 2nd hand bike from Team Moto Maroochydore quite a few years ago. I got stitched up big time - bike turned out to have many more km's than claimed and was barely road worthy. It resulted in fair bit of financial pain for me at a time when I was quite young and not earning much money. They offered me a shitty deal of compensation which I had to accept as I was broke at the time and couldn't afford to have it dragged out through fair trading, etc. Basically, I hate the c*nts and have never thought about going back there for any of the 3 new bikes I have bought since.
  15. Its hard because team motto are everywhere, and have lots of bikes.. but yes they are in the business of making $

    i bought my 2nd bike from them, after buying it, they tried to get me insured, and it was more than what i would pay if i organised insurance myself... then i was informed it "needed" a service too, which i should organise with them in the next few weeks..

    Also i went to springwood suzuki, and they seem like a good bunch of guys, not too pushy with sales, and are very helpful. I think alot comes down to the sales guys out the front, they are the face of your business, i had one guy from team motto goldcoast call me a poser when i was browsing 600's, saying that bike will match my jeans etc, just being a general tosser. I played the game with him but in the back of my mind was 'you just lost a sale'. and took my business elsewhere.

    anyways mayb im juts a fussy mofo, but genreally team motto are just money hungry mofos, but its hard to be super picky cause theres just sooo many of them around, and they hold ALOT of bikes.
  16. I was considering a new XVS650 Classic from Team Moto Blacktown for my first bike, not sure whether to go new or used. Apparently it was the salesman's first week, so he was either a serial bumbler or they were just trying to reel me in several different ways.

    They only came in red or blue last year. While I really like the red ones now, at that time I was set on getting the blue. He confirmed that while they didn't have one in stock they could get one in within a few days and we sat down and he wrote down all the details, including a few bits and bobs I wanted as extras on a quote form over a fair bit of time, giving prices for extras like finance I wasn't really that interested in. He then went off to run it past the boss and came back, really sorry. Turned out he quoted me the wrong price on the bike - the Custom was $500 cheaper and he used that price - and there were no blue ones left in the country. I said I'd think about it.

    I went away weighing up between a new red one or going second hand for a blue. While searching the internet, I noticed a promotion on their website with the new ones cheaper than the price he quoted. So I got back in touch. The fine print was pointed out, which translated to mean that the promotional price only applied to QLD, not NSW. I said I'd be looking second-hand for a blue one.

    He called me back soon after, saying that one of their QLD stores had a second hand blue one, with a few of the mods I was looking for, at a price I was happy with. They could easily arrange transport down. So I went back into the shop, ready to put down a deposit. When I got there, they made me wait around for a while and then told me that they had just heard that it had been sold. I was even told by one of their staff that it didn;t really matter what I bought for my first bike as I'd be selling it to upgrade in 15 months anyway. I walked out.

    Maybe it was all a series of coincidences, but it felt like they were doing their best to ride the emotion to make a sale, even if a new red XVS650 wasn't what I wanted. I bought a second-hand blue one with several mods privately 2 days later, very pleased that I didn't end up paying full price for a new one. I won't be visiting Team Moto again.
  17. I've had a few dealings with the LAMS Team Moto at Springwood, and would not buy a bike from them. Too dodgy and a bit pushy and arroagnt in the sales department. Things like quoting different speedo readings on bikes and generally full of sh*t.

    But I've had good dealings with Team Moto at Moorooka. A mate of mine knows some of the guys, and took me down when I had to buy all my gear. Very friendly and took the time to talk me through the pros and cons of the gear that I was looking at, and genuinally took the time to spend with me. Unfortunately they didn't have any second hand bikes for me at the time, and I ended up buying the GPX from Springwood Suzuki, which was also a good experience.
  18. Hey mate I just got off the phone with the dude. It is a Japanese import model. Compliance plated 2012. Definite 2006 model.

    Do you know what the difference would be between the jap import and AU model, if any?
  19. And do you know of there would be any drama getting parts and spares for it?
  20. No real difference. I think I just replied to your other thread