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TEAM Moto Triumph. +10 Parts Department.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ward_4e, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. :) ever since my little bingle before christmas the left rearset bracket has been smashed making my trumpy unrideable. This has left me scared as I have just broken up, there is nothing but sunshine and I need a ride....

    Out of sheer frustration with ebay.e .co.uk .com .au etc fcuk!!! and bighting a bullet I rang Team Moto. My experence of dealerships is not great after tazzie and i was more than presently supprised.

    Talked to Mark, pommy guy who knows his job WELL! so rare so so rare. After checking the computer and coming back with one of the spares I needed He gave me a discount! :shock: south of bass straight you would have had to be married to the guy running the store for that kind of discount. $510 for the pair!!!

    Anyhow One bracket wasnt instock so he set up an order did a little magic on the deposit and called triumph aus for the other part. Mark then called me back to say there was a month wait on the part and I explained that its stopping me form riding my beloved TT. So I asked him about the daytona 600 rearsets, he gave me a quick talk that they arent standard they may be different and in a bit of great bit of thinking said that i should order two daytona brackets to have a matching pair... God bless him he understands.

    He then checked the price which was cheaper, the original price was cheaper than the discount on the tt brackets. So he changed my order waved the deposit and called triumph for stock. He called back ( i am still shocked at this) and he is getting them in. I explained that i was coming up this friday and he got triumph to bung them in an overnight bag so I can go riding this weekend!!!!

    The price $270 for the pair. :wink: These guys have just got a customer for life.