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Team moto, pricing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattatnoosa, May 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just about to buy a 2011 ninja 250r SE. team moto has them for $6840 ride away, but how come the Kawasaki website states the rrp as $6199? Are they known to price match when shown?
  2. RRP is NOT ride away.
  3. The Kawasaki website price is not a ride away price. Eack State has different on road costs so they only advertise the base price.
  4. Is it not against the law to do that now, they have to show the Ride away price these days
  5. I'm not sure how it affects the manufacturer. The retailer would have to list ride away price. As I said different on road costs for each state doesn't make it possible for Kawasaki to list a ride away price.
  6. Hi, I found that bikepoint.com.au or bikesales.com.au are the best for assessing what the best market prices are for each make and model of new or used motorcycle. Team moto do have some good deals...but are now usually outdone by other motorbike retailers and or private sellers who advertise on the above sites. The above sites also clearly state whether or not the bikes are priced with ride away or not.

  7. interesting first post...

    i still prefer keeping GOOD motorcycle dealerships in business, so if the bike was there, brand new and good price etc, i'd be buying from them.
  8. +1. You can always find a better price, but having a good relationship with a local dealer always helps for those times when you need assistance. But you have to assess each dealer on their own merits and whether they meet that description. Team Moto are also in Cairns and the brief dealings I've had with them have been good. They certainly stock the widest range of bikes up here (which isn't saying a lot!)
  9. Hi guys, just wanted to say I got the SE ninja 250 from team moto Bowen hills.
    Guy glen was great, I didn't have my RE's yet but he still took me for a test ride to a car park, so I could give it ago. He then dropped the price to $6450, and even bought me a drink while I Was waiting! He organised the apprentice to deliver my bike, but when he showed up without my accessories, Glen personally drove them out to me after he finished work. Really, really impressed with the customer service, all really helpful and not presuring
  10. perfect man :) told you they would be right for you! supporting local and smaller businesses goes a long way
  11. I had the complete opposite experience at my local team moto. Put massive amount of pressure for the sale, when i said, this is my first look - kept giving me, so what price would it take for me to purchase. Walked out and told the sales guy, his manager cost him a potential sale.

    bought my xvs from bikebiz - they delivered my bike out to me, and when the accidentally sold my gloves, and I had to wait a few days to get a new set in, the sales guy loaned me his gloves. Impressive, and got the Thunderbird from procycles. Impressed with both these guys too. Particularly the service team. I forget the guys name that runs the service dept, but he is always very helpful.
  12. Only problem is that it's impossible to do an accurate price because of the number of external variables affecting ride away price. Some aren't even showing price because of it.
  13. Car importers manage it. It's not hard to work out. The standard list price + the specific state add-ons. All of which are known and easy to apply via known formulas. Don't confuse 'impossible' with 'it is a little harder than before'.