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Team Fortress 2 Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Anyone play this online? I just bought it on the weekend via steam and love blasting people to pieces.

    If you play post up your steam name so I can add you as a friend. Was funny last night being asked why phizog sounded familiar, to find it was someone off NR :LOL:
  2. I play it, and I am often on Internode servers but I am willing to go to other servers if the ping is low enough. My name is the same here as it is there
  3. Thanks I'll add when I get home. As for servers I don't care I just go for the lowest ping with a free space but also with alot of players there :D
  4. I play on the node servers too ^_^
  5. Yep Internode for me too. TF2 is awesome however i'm not so much a fan of the new updates. Seems to be a lot of medics not healing anyone (just using their overpowered guns) and too many pyros!

    I played hardcore before it was cool :shock:
  6. Yes 8/10 are pyros now, but as I understand it they were very weak before the update. It makes life as a spy very hard at the moment :LOL:

    I don't see that problem with medics though. And of course as each class is updated everyone will be playing it, getting the achievements.
  7. I usually play a medic, but I do try and heal everyone I can
    The spy is my least played class, I just don't do the suit justice
  8. IMO whilst the game is about actually strategy and winnign.. so much more fun to be had and thats the aim of the game for me. Coming out of clock and backstabing one person is more fun and satisfying than winning the round 10 times over :grin:
  9. links people, links.
    phizog, you say u bought this of steam?
    buy as in download without any money moving anywhere, or actually paid for it?

    i dont like to pay for games :LOL: WoW is my nemesis lol

  10. Hahahaha down with wow lol... noob game..


    OR DOTA!!!!!!!!!

  11. $19.99 USD for TF2, bought and downloaded from steam. I had the 2 day free thing they had running the other weekend then liked it enough to buy it. COD4 is damn awesome, I used to play it at cityhunter a fair bit, but it wouldn't even install at home :oops:
  12. or you can buy the complete valve catalog for 99usd and get everything.
  13. SoF2 :grin:
    oldschool, but the best.
  14. Just bought that game! Waiting for my new RAM to come (Blew the last ones).

    Will let you know my user name once Im on it.
  15. That reminds me, I need some more ram.. and a new dvd burner.. :?

    Ahaha demo man :D
  16. I like this version better ;)