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Teaching Old Boots New Tricks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DeeCubed, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I currently wear Joe Rocket Meteors and you’ve seen me write what a great value-for-money pair of boots they are. I’m a pants-in-boots kind of guy (and right glove first) however now the boots are having to cope with thicker socks and long johns the Velcro isn’t coping with the extra width and leaves the boots ‘open’ at the top. I didn’t want any more Velcro (I’ve always been secretly scared to ask what they do to crows to make them vel). The solution in my case was to get some additional straps put on by a proper cobbler, Paul at Perth Surgical Shoemakers (whom I was delighted to learn rides a Triumph Speedster). He did a top class job for A$25 and I reckon they look orig’. This is what they look like.


  2. nice mod, & good price too :)
  3. Nice job.

    Another good spot in WA for excellent boot and leather work is a bloke in Mundaring. I can probably find his contact details if anyone's interested.
  4. Does he do leather suit repairs Pat :?: If so, I wouldn't mind his contacts.
  5. Sure does. Last time I was in, he was doing some repair work on a one-piece. White with yellow stars down the sleeves and legs. Very UK speedway timewarp :grin: . He also put a zip into a (previously unzipped) leather cut off for me and did a top notch job.

    I'm going to be down that way tomorrow morning so I'll try and remember to grab the details.
  6. Here ya go.

    M D D Boot Makers
    Unit 1/ 42 Burra St Mundaring 6073, (08) 9295 2485.
  7. Good on yer mate.