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Teaching daughter about gravel

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by basejumper, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. My now 10 year old has been riding for 2 years and going great. We started riding recently at the old tip at green point. It has a Tarmac windy road on it and I was following her the other day and she gasses the 90cc down the road which has a big bend on it coved in gravel. My heart stopped watching it as she hasn't experienced the dangers of gravel yet. I was mega relieved to see her get through it. I made her get off and took our helmets off and walked back to the spot and showed her how deadly a bend like that can be. I explained that there's no way she could have stopped suddenly on a bend like that without going down
    You know what kids are like
    " cmon dad can we keep riding"
    We continued riding and she didn't really take heed of my warning like I would have liked.
    Half an hour later we were coming down from the top and there's a sharp down hill right hand bend in the road covered in gravel on the inside.
    I was in front and I took it extra wide and was careful. I stopped to warn her. She always rides with full protective gear. She was going fairly slow and I decided to say nothing.
    Nek minute she chooses the tight line through the gravel on the front break and down she goes.
    I run over there and dust her off . She's ok and she looks up at me and says
    " dad gravel sux ", classic.
    I explained to her that i didn't warn her as I wanted her to experience gravels effect. She replies
    " I'm not going near that stuff again "
    Tough love but lesson learnt

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  2. Yes sometimes with kids experience is the only teacher they will pay heed to.
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  3. Totally agree with this and to this day the phrase from my youth watching my Grandfather soldering something out in the shed and pretty sure we've all heard it goes something like "Don't touch it, you'll burn yourself" :inpain:
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  4. We bought the grandson a bike at 4 . It's the scariest thing in the world to watch a kid who thinks he's indestructible ride a motorbike.
    I remember the first time he lost the front end , first thing he said was , but that's how Casey does it .
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  5. Kids are fearless. Remember that.
    That's why it's better to start young and get used to the variables.
    The younger ones have a tendancy to handle difficult situations better somehow.
    Ignorance is bliss.
    So true
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  6. First off I had as a kid was front wheel washing out on frosty wet grass after cutting a corner my old man had warned me about the day before... I remember the bruises from the off and the look he gave me, no words required.
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  7. 'gravel sux' - should be the title for the Motorcycle Riders Handbook!
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  8. Think Toby Price....started out at a young age ( I think 2? cant quite remember)....but look at him now. Awesome that your daughter is learning and she will and you will never regret it.....just my 1c worth :)
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  9. A lot of adults are no different.........
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  10. Haha, its good that she learnt her lesson in a somewhat safe scenario. I think its fantastic that you and your daughter go out riding!
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  11. You can tell a 10yo - but nothing teaches like experience!

    Nothing hurt just a learning experience - probably the best way to learn.
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  12. G'day All,
    I ride a Yamaha XVS950 so I don't go looking for gravel roads, but if I'm riding and encounter any gravel sections I just keep going at a reduced speed. Many I ride with would take a 100 Km detour so they don't have to ride 1 Km of gravel. Depending on the road I may go down a gear or two and just keep going.

    Peter Macpherson.
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  13. In Italy & Spain they start riding MiniMoto GP at about 4 with competitive racing from 6 yrs old... on tiny bikes with 20HP @ the rear wheel!!
    No wonder the Moto GP premier class is made up of mostly Spaniards. Lorenzo, Marquez, both Pol & Alaish? Espargaro, Pedrosa, & prob a few other riders... ALL Spanish. Rossi, Italian.
    Startin' 'em off young is the key.
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  14. I enjoy gravel on my ninja. I even pillioned my daughter on a few gravel roads. I reckon everyone should ride on gravel as you get new experience on handling the bike. On the ninja 50 is about the fastest I am willing to go and even slower in bends. The front and rear are constantly moving about.

    To the op, great to hear your daughter is ok and learnt a lesson. My son wants a dirt bike but no where for him to ride it and I am not experienced on dirt so would not feel safe teaching him.