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Teaching a new pillion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oldwolf, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Hey all
    Just a question for you all.
    When you have a new pillion passenger, what advice do you give?
    How do you explain what to do?
    I took my wife out a couple of weeks ago, just round the Dandy baseball club car park, (its close, across the road), and told here to follow me, not to look around yet, and not to move around too much. She basically did as I said, but kept looking in the mirrors to see if she was staying with me. :)
    I told her not to do that, just look over my shoulder, and relax.

    What do you tell them?

    Thanks Steve
  2. I've only pillioned 2 of my kids on the road (eldest to big Mrs has her own bike) although it would be 100's of times on dirt/farm bikes. I make them understand that I'm not going to go mental and chuck them off. I ask them to relax and let the bike move without fighting it. (the bigger the pillion the more critical this is) I show them how to hang on and ask them not to move unless we're stopped. They can tap me on the sholder if we neen to stop.
    I make sure I am smooth on the throttle and brake.

    I have a favourite loop of about 25k. Some town riding, some rural, some highway, a couple of traffic lights and a couple of roundabouts so they get a bit of everything. If they can handle that there is a faster trip out to Lake Wellington which has some sweepers between some straights about 40k return. Complete that and they are qualified!

    I wouldnt be doing it in a carpark as you need to have some speed up to make it all work.

    I would be prepared to stop and make them walk home if they were making us unsafe :mad:
  3. Click on "ARTICLES" at the left side menu :wink: