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Teacher strike thursday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. over 20,000 teachers are going on strike on thursday to protest the new work laws.
    Just wondering if anyone here was going to the MCG between 7am and 8.30 am thursday to join the protest?

  2. Aaaah. So that's what's going on.
    Just got retrenched this morning (result of IR laws, as it happens), so might just pop on down, unless something else comes up.
  3. here is the scedual from the flyer i have
    7am gates open
    8am enterainment (?) begins (must be seated by 8.55am)
    9-10am sky channel broadcast across australia
    10.30am march to city
  4. Teachers strike?? How unusual!
    Those six hour work days and six weeks paid holiday per year must be a biatch............. :roll:
    But yeah, the new IR laws suck, can't see how teachers have anything to whine about though.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Not only teachers union etc that will be there Mr Charmed got stuff in mail yday from the meat workers union.
  6. That's a common belief about teaching isn't it? That the face to face hours are the only hours worked, I mean. Many years ago I was a teacher, and I can let you know from experience that the face to face hours can be less than half of what you can end up doing. And a hell of a lot of work gets done during "holidays".
    I'm no longer a teacher and have no axe to grind about their conditions, but people really have little understanding of that profession. I reckon they'd be surprised if they knew a bit more about it
  7. Great feeling isn't it!!

    i got the same last week..... got until the 20th to find a new job though.
  8. I just got an email at work (i work for an energy company)- saying alinta's workers in melbourne (agl areas) will probably also be on strike, so we'll have issues doing power connections tomorrow!

    The ir protests must cover a few unions then...
  9. Do you have kids, Andrew?

    My kids' teachers work their guts out, carry a huge level of responsibility and as far as I'm concerned do an amazing job.

    Six hour work days? Don't make me laugh. :roll:
  10. I guess it's always easy to stand on the outside of something and say "how easy it it" or "how easy they must have it" .....

    I have relatives who are teachers and yes the student may get six hour days but it would be very bloody unusual if the teachers did.
  11. Yep union day of action thursday :roll: having been both shop floor (fitter/turner/toolmaker for 15ish years) and office (engineeering / technical sales) i guess i can see some points against the new IR laws but in reality the new AWA system is no diferent to what 'staff' type jobs have always been.
    My last job i was retrenched 2 weeks short of 10 years prorata long service, even though i'd been in the union over 20 years they didnt want to now about it :mad:

  12. Hmm, well, all I can tell you is when I was growing up, my FOUR aunts and uncles, who were all teachers of various grades (and one a head of department) did NO work on holidays, and did NOT work overtime. I know they didn't work holidays because they were in teh same house as me during the holidays.
    Maybe things have changed, but so has the rate of pay.
    Also interesting to note that of all the people I know, it seems only school teachers have the free time to do all sorts of things....
    I also note that high school teachers get plenty of "free" periods, which are supposed to be used to do this supposed overtime work.
    Oh, and why is it my industrial arts teachers in high schol could do all these projects for themselves during work hours, and stil leave at 3.15. like everyone else?
    I'm just tired of teachers whining about how bloody hard it is etc. Get out in the real world and work a 12 hour day or have to meet deadlines and get back to us.....if it's such a crap profession, why do they stay in it so long?
    It's also a common misconception that no one ever went to school, and saw first hand what teachers actually do with their days.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. My ex just finished her teaching degree, and it depends on whether you got primary or high-school but:

    Lots of marking and lesson prep is done during holidays and on weekends by good teachers.
    Bad teachers can neglect that stuff and enjoy their time off, I guess.

    New teachers do a lot of work on lesson plans to be good at their job, as they lack experience.

    Older teachers can recycle existing lesson plans, or ones from last year that they put a lot of work into to enjoy time off and still deliver good teaching.

    ... aside from that, she substitutes for attractive daily rates, and does privaate tutoring for about $30/hour.

    ^Not the worst job in the world ^_^
  14. Dad was a high school trade teacher.

    on holidays we would see him about 1 week out of 2 and only about half the Chritmas holidays. Being a trade teacher he had to actualy maintain a lot of the machinery/equipment becauser the school wouldn't pay for it to be done.

    He was gone before 8 each morning an rarely home by 6.

    teachers may be in the same room as students 6 hours a day but they sure as hell spend a LOT more time apreparing and doing supporting tasks that enable them to actually do their Jobs.
  15. Yep they have changed. How long ago was that?
    Maybe, but not the ones I know. Maybe you know some that do.

    Have to say I think your information may be out of date.
    60% of new teachers abandon the profession in the first two years. Does that sound like it's a fun job?
    Look, it seems you don't like teachers, and think it's a pretty easy job. You are entitled to have (and voice) that opinion. To me it sounded like you were trotting out the old worn out cliches that have been around since the year dot. Just thought it was possible you might not have seen what it's like nowadays. But maybe you do have a good grasp of the facts, in which case I will happily bow to your superior knowledge (not really looking for an argument). cheers
  16. Touching a raw nerve, there Andrew, my wife has been a teacher for the last 32 years, my daughter for the last 7. No-one in the coroprate world that I know works as hard as they do. As well as school hours, there's prepartation and marking at home, and then at school they are expected to be surrogate parents to children whose parents don't care less about them, feed, comfort and seek to educate, fix skinned knees, stand in the heat and cold at sports carnivals, and the interminable bus lines after school, and then many of them have to go home and cook tea for an ungrateful family who think teaching's easy..... If they were paid what they are REALLY worth, the country couldn't afford them (unless it took some of the lazy fat super-executives unearned benefits away from THEM....)
  17. To be fair to the stats, I know a lot of people doing teaching because they want to go to uni, but not what they actually want to be qualified for.

    ...and a lot get qualified for guaranteed employment when they travel overseas.
  18. i know someone who in her own words...... "I only went to uni to find a husband."

    well she scraped thtough uni and is now teaching Primary students....scary because she only just passed year 12 high school

    oh and she found the husband well after uni.
  19. Not one of these American teachers we read about who fall in love and have an affair with one of their students, I hope! :p
  20. :? only the arts teachers at my school leave any time before 4 or get in any later than 8.30
    i have to say out of all school staff the most hard done by are the librarians though. they are expected to know and do everything, very stressful position with a heluvalota work involved.