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Teach L platers to ride safe

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scrambler, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. On the road yesterday I saw a little Buell (i think) with L plates following his (I presume fully licensed) mate.

    At the risk sounding like an old boring bastard I have to say I was dismayed at the risks these guys were taking-

    1/ weaving in and out of moving traffic
    2/ waitng for vehicles to begin moving at the lights and THEN splittng to the front from 4 0r 5 cars back.
    3/ At a red light overtaking stationary vehicles riding on the wrong side of the road towards traffic coming the other way.

    Now I'm far from perfect on the road myself and do enjoy the advantages of my two wheeled friend, but I reckon if you've been on the road a few years and your mates on his L's you'd be more of a mate if you showed him how to ride safely, and wisely and without endangering his or anybody elses lives.

    He'll be around much longer to enjoy it and you won't feel guilty when you get a call saying he's laid up for riding like a goose.

    Anyway, off to the bowls club for me.......
  2. We don't know the circumstances.

    I don't begrudge a rider's behaviour unless they crash... and even then, it's only a big deal if they injure someone else's person/property.

    For all we know they could have been racing 2-stroke 250's at the track for years and 1 is only now getting around to his road license.

    Maybe it's up to the wisdom of the learner how close to the limit of their skills they ride?

    Maybe the learner didn't know how to get to the destination, and the guy in the lead was being a twat... I know that happens sometimes :p
  3. I agree with Ktulu.... though riding against traffic aint a good idea regardless and weeving in and out of moving traffic is never a real safe thing to do either, although as KTULU said, if they are capable and doing so "safely" there really wouldn't be too much of an issue I don't think.

    I alos concur that it is up to the individual to ride to their limits, though a leader should be exactly that - a leader and not a show pony!
  4. man,its hoons like them that give riders like me a bad name :evil:
    and if i ever see these guys on the street im gonna do a stoppie when i pull up next to them,do a burn out at the lights and take off at full speed with the front wheel in the air just to show 'em that they arent so cool.
  5. Sounds very irresponsible to me, but as klutu stated, we don't know the circumstances of such riding. I'd just be hoping the L plater is actually experienced and does not cause injury to anyone else.
  6. Was the L plater riding incompetently??
  7. Unlikely - there's no Buell small enough to be LAMS approved. :wink:

    Your general comments that if you are riding with a learner are well taken. You do have a responsibility to set some sort of an example and not put pressure on their riding.

    However I'm inclined to agree with Ktulu about the specifics here. Skills do vary and I've seen some learners who are very capable in heavy traffic.
  8. Krusty Ferguson got his public road L's not that long ago... you'd be hard pressed to call him a noob!

    Yesterday I tagged behind a large bore cruiser of some kind for a short while on the freeway. The rider was mega tentative and tense and was in the left lane but hard left in that lane. He had that road position well before I got anywhere near him. I spotted a car looking to split him so ran interference for a bit. Frankly, I doubt he should have been on the freeway.... no L plate in sight though.

    +1 Tony.